When Does Creehan Get Fired?

How about an good old fashioned predictor pool . . . When does Casey Creehan get shown the door?

Sometime in the next 8 weeks? Does he last the season but gets the heave-ho in the offseason? Or do you think he'll be back for another kick at the can in 2013 with the TiCats?

If you think he gets "dehired" this season, name the date. If you think it's an offseason decision, just say so. And if you think he'll be back next year, then you should not be operating any heavy machinery ... You're obviously under the influence!

I'll start off with a bold one ... Monday, September 10th, 2012 ... Before noon! Zamberlin will take over as interim DC.

8) Considering that after the game yesterday, Milt Stegall commented that the bomb will drop in Hamilton for sure
  after that display today.  He added that it would not be just players that will be released !!

   Don't kid yourself, these guys like Stegall, and other media guys have sources, and they hear all the real rumours
   that are going on in the CFL.  Everyone should realize that Creehan is on borrowed time in Hamilton, and has been
    for the past couple of weeks.

    I look for the change to come either today, Sunday, the 9th, or Monday, the 10th, as FenderGuy69 says.

     I'm not so sure about Zamberlin taking over as DC though.  He has no pro experience at all as a DC, or no pro 
      experience in any area as a matter of fact.

      Only guy on staff that has previous experience as a DC in the CFL is Jim Daley  (I know, shudder, shudder)   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 
       Daley at least has been a DC on three different teams in the CFL during his coaching career.

        Lets face it, could he be any worse that Creehan ????

I was hoping they didn't let him back on the bus after the game...

Me too! Apple and a roadmap as Matt Dunnigan would say!

Monday September 10th Creeehan will be fired.Greg Marshall will be or should be his replacement....We had a good defence when he was here.Im scared to see what the other changes will be...

Marshall would certainly be an upgrade over Creehan although he is currently receiving Head Coach salary while watching Seinfeld reruns, thus unlikely to accept a demotion and pay reduction, especially with the Ottawa franchise waiting in the wings.

I'd be as happy as a croc at Wild Waterworks if Marshall would return as DC, yet do not expect it to become a reality.

never say never though...

I'm pretty sure that the Ticats, Riders and Marshall could work out some kind of deal - such as the Ticats pay a portion of his head coaching salary while the Riders pay the other portion. I think that Sask would love to be able to dump a portion of his salary. I just hope that the Ticats management is seriously looking at replacing our DC - he has that deer in the headlights look. Kinda reminds me of the Zeke Moreno and Ed O'Neill (Spelling) fiasco of a few years ago.

That it hasn't happened yet scares and surprises me.

Fingers crossed for soon.

Just a quick note on former Greg Marshall. Many Have said & assume that he would rather sit at home doing nothing while collecting his Head Coach pay cheque. I find that thinking a little strange. Driven professionals, passionate people, men who have dedicated their lives to coaching football, working with young athletes, guys who are driven to coach & win ... They don't sit at home collecting a paycheque. Take a look at all the coaches both here in Canada and down in the US that have been let go with time left on their contract. They rarely are "on the beach" for very long. They have to coach. They need to coach. Not for the money. When have you ever heard of guys getting into coaching because of the money? They coach football because they love football.

Now, with that being said, if Marshall is just biding his time to go after the Ottawa HC job, that's another story. But I'm sure he would take the opportunity to get back into the game with appropriate "out clauses" written into his contract which would allow him to pursue the Ottawa opportunity when it arises. Besides, there are no guarantees that he would get it. Obviously he would be a top candidate but so is Marcel Bellefuille, Etchivery, Machiochia, (all of which btw got released, we're paid to sit at home, but went to coach elsewhere immediately). Not saying you have to take the first opportunity, but you don't want to be out of the game too long.

I think I remember hearing somewhere ... A bird in hand is worth two in the bush???

They can't just trash Creehan without a contingency plan. They would need to know who the replacement is right away. But I'm not even sure if Obie and Cortez understand the need to replace the DC. On the CHML half-time show Obie stated that he didn't have the right players to fill the positions. He might be referring to talent level but maybe also to injured players. If these guys believe that it's a player personnel problem, then they would not be blaming Creehan for the defensive fiasco and he might still be here for a while.

Oh please make it Monday or ASAP. There is no way on earth they can win with that defense. No way. Do we have to stand by and watch 8 more games of a defense that can't stop anybody. That is just not fair to the fans. The players and pleading with Creehan to change the defense (see Saturday Spectator). But still the defense remains ineffective, unable to adjust to game conditions and easily torn apart by the oppositions offence. This shouldn't be happening. One man is destroying the whole season and management won't move on it. Please, please - no later than Monday. MAKE THE F......G CHANGE.

Great point. And remember the longer you sit without a job the harder it is to get a job.

I think we just assume this because it's the Hamilton mentality to sit at home collecting a paycheque :stuck_out_tongue:

/kidding... sort of

Yes, it has to be Marshall.
I think he can improve this defence easily, just with his play calling alone.
I doubt that any bridges were burnt, so it would be a feather in Marshalls & the Cats hat.
Sasky might be happy to help it along, so win, win, win for everyone.

My prediction is a Monday, 2:00 pm news conference to announce the changes.

In order to make it seem that football operations has not lost faith in Casey Creehan
they can say that due to the fact that Casey is a first year Defensive Co-ordinator

they are bringing in Greg Marshall to take over the Defensive -line for him
so he can devote himself full time to his Defensive Co-ordinator duties.

and then Greg Marshall could work with him on game planning
and selecting the right players to play and sticking with them.

This isn't my idea but I liked it right away and I have
thought it is a good idea from early in the season.

I believe it would result in a big improvement in these areas

and if it resulted in our d-line getting consistent pressure
then our d-backs would not be hung out to dry so often.

Rich Stubler always liked to have 4 experienced guys on the D-line
and rotate a 5th guy to give him experience and them a breather

That is a good idea but Casey is rotating in rookies D-linemen

even though the other d-linemen are not experienced enough
to make up for many mistakes that the rookies are making.

Most of them have only 2 or so years of CFL experience.

And the rookie d-lineman go in at DT' ans DE

They are learning two jobs at the same time! Huh?


It is not always the player with the most talent
who should be playing, experience counts a lot.

Do you remember how Greg stuck with the more experienced
Sandy Beveridge instead of the #1 draft pick Dylan Barker?

Geoff Tisdale and Ryan Hinds must have really screwed up
when I didn't notice, why else would Casey/Creehan have

those two experienced d-backs sitting on the bench?

Maybe Greg could find a way to get those guys
and other experienced players like Eddie Steele

and Mike Eiben out ther on our Defence.

This team is not going to make any coaching changes this year. It is time to get off the coaching carousel and let these guys develop. Cortez doesn't give a rats *** what anyone thinks as shown in how he responds to questions from the public.
The players are over rated and not good enough especially on both lines and the LB's. So, until this team upgrades its players and finds a heart you are going to get more of the same :roll:

If I recall correctly, Greg Marshall employed a "bend don't break" philosophy that used zones and not many blitz packages. Isn't that exactly what Creehan is doing now?

Barring a major trade, there are few, if any, good players available to step in to improve the lines and secondary immediately.

and the NFL made their final cuts a couple weeks back, with very little activity thus far.

Hopefully Obie has his hands in the cookie jar for impact players that can be utilized asap…otherwise…

no, Creehan is using the "bend and break" philosophy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely you can't be serious with this nonsense.
I can see it now - Creehan and Marshall stand in front of the players at the defensive game plan meeting. Marshall whispers instructions into Creehan's ear and tells him what to say to the players and Creehan obediently repeats it. Better yet, why not just have Marshall talk and Creehan move his mouth like a ventriloquist's dummy?
If Marshall is brought in under the guise of some sort of mentor, if Creehan has any pride whatsoever, he resigns immediately. He had better resign because, in the players' eyes, he will have been demoted, humiliated and otherwise neutered.
Show the players and coaches enough respect to spare them from this type of soap opera style humiliation.

8) I think you meant to say KEVIN EIBEN, didn't you "Ron", not MIKE ?? :wink:
   Mike sure was a great receiver for the Argos, and the Cats also in his last year of playing !!