When do you think Printers will play this season?

Aside from blowouts, injuries to Dave Dickenson, and late in the regular season when wins won’t matter anymore, when do you think Casey Printers will play?

Do you think one day he’ll just overtake Dave and be named the new starter? Or will he always be a backup?

As much as i hate to say it… i think Wally will keep him as the backup. I think the only real playing time he is going to get will be in the situations you have listed. But i hope for Casey’s sake that if they are not going to use him that they try to find him a new home where he will get laying time, because from what he showed everyone last year… he has talent and deserves to be a starter somewhere.

well casey only has one more year with the lions then hes gonna try out for the Nfl is my bet besides Printers will only be in the situations you listed there.

i don’t know that he’s going to try the NFL next year… he has said publicly a couple of times that he want to play up here for a few more years to work on his game before he goes down there so that he stands a better chance of staying down there. My guess is that he’ll either be traded or he’ll just look for another team.

The way our offensive line played against Toronto. Dickenson won’t last long if the defenders keep pounding him like they did Saturday night. Printers could be in quicker than we think! If I could have received a Dollar for every time I yelled “LOOK OUT!” at the TV Saturday night!

lol… so true… our O-Line was almost non-existant. Buono really needs to do something about it. He also took a beating on those couple of runs that he decided to take the hit rather than slide.

I think we’ll see Printers against Ottawa. Dickenson will shred them in the first half, and Casey will continue the route in the second…(I hope)

I have to tend to agree with Sportsmen but the Lions usually have a tougher time with weaker teams so don’t take the Gades to lightly. They might come up and bite the Lions in the a$$

He’ll get some playing time against Ottawa

as far as i am concerned we should go the same way as the Bombers… if Dickenson has a bad game or two Printers starts until he has a bad game or two, then when we hit the playoffs we look at who did better against certain teams and start them… then we will have some nice competition for the starting spot

Blazer…Think about what you just said…Go the same way of the Bombers??? The Bombers are going down hill!!!

But you do make a good point. If Dickenson struggles, throw Printers in. DD was Offensive player of the week so he’s off to a good start.

Yes, I do beleive he will play one or two games possibly if not more. Not really a fair chance after last season, even though he was really only standing in for Dickenson. I would be very surprised of he sticks around next season if he does not get playing a few games.

But then again, the way Dickenson is playing after the first game, I don’t know if we will see him anytime in the next few weeks.

I personally like Printers playing style better than dickenson, so i would like for him to play and yes I do believe Printerts will overtake Dickenson for starter. But Dickenson did play pretty well so Buono will probably ride on Dickenson for a while. But the thing i don’t like about him is that he holds the ball to long and when hes trying for a run or to evade defense he all most always gets sacked or just layed out. Now on the other hand Casey when under pressure he can slip the D and he can run, he is quite and athlete.

I agree with you. I am also a Printers fan over double d, I hope Casey plays tonight vs Ottawa. He does need to get a better agent though. He could have a long term deal already signed making a million this year but now is making a brutal salary.

His shoulder and toe are still on the mend. The radio said on Tuesday that Pierce will be the #2 QB Printers #3, although he will continue to hold on Field Goal attempts

I agree with you. I am also a Printers fan over double d, I hope Casey plays tonight vs Ottawa. He does need to get a better agent though. He could have a long term deal already signed making a million this year but now is making a brutal salary.

i still think partially injured printers is better than Buck but printers is more valuble and Buck needs a shot. so why not until printers is 100%

Pierce can play with this team for sure. Printers is awesome but not sure why the Lions would play him hurt.

When Casey is ok they should get him into games and not just those that are out of reach. I don’t get this - you don’t pull your no. 1 guy stuff. I agree that the QB has to know that the team and coach support him and an error won’t lead to the hook. You don’t want your QB looking to see if he is getting pulled.

Why not give Casey some good playing time when the offense needs a shot in the arm. With a change in QB, this requires defenses to change their thinking and that in itself can be a super boost to an offence. They don’t always adjust well or quick enough if you have another top gun coming in. It is the opposite of the situation where the no. 1 goes down and the defense knows the back up doesn’t have the goods.

With DD, he can pick apart a defence- although not Ottawa as he didn’t pick up his secondary receivers when they were open. With Casey, his greater mobility can kill a defence that is sitting back used to what DD is giving them.

I think both are great QBs.

Pierce is a comer with hopefully a successful career in the CFL ahead of him.

if i were printers i wouldnt be waiting around for a long time to over come dickenson. i mean hes ready to step up and be a leader for a team and if he doesnt get the starting spot at least next year then i think he should be looking else where. i love printers and i would hate to loose him from the b.c lions but i mean the mans gotta play football and he certainly can play.

Dickensons a great player and i see him as one of the tuffest but its time that printers steps up and takes the spot.

It wont be long before casey moves on to another team i mean he doesnt wanna be second his hole life! neither would anyone esle. its almost like a slap in the face to not play him at all yet in this season i mean i ve watched all there games and there have been times where they should of put casey in. is Wally buano trying to send casey a message? i have no clue and if he is the message isnt making sense. untill dickenson goes down to injury i doubt if we will see much of casey printers.