When do the Argos bring in Drew Willy?

It's painfully obvious that Dan LeFevour is not qualified to be a starting QB. His arm strength is non-existent as anything beyond 25yds just hangs in the air.

Look no further than last weeks game when he had Norristorius Gurley wide open on the sideline - - LeFevour just couldn't get the ball to him and what should have been an easy TD turned into an incompletion because the safety had so much time to get over and help.

As if that wasn't bad enough, LeFevour also struggles with accuracy. Having screen passes picked off is absolutely inexcusable. Worst part is that his INTs always seem to happen at the most inopportune times.

Just have to laugh at the suggestions that "Dan" is going to be the man in Toronto. I'd be satisfied with him as a back up/short yardage QB, but as a starter not a chance.

He put 4 TD's up on the board last week. That's a pretty good day. Defence and special teams hurt the Argo's more than QB play .

So when do the Argos bring in Drew Willy asks our resident expert and guru aka Don-51 ?

answer: Probably never considering that a certain poster on here (no names mentioned) thinks that all Willy’s good for is carrying a clipboard , why would you want them to bring him in ? what makes you think that he would make a difference ? :wink: Yup it looks like yer team has according to you a guy (LeFevour) that’s not qualified to be a starter and another guy who is nothing more than a clip-boarding specialist. Oh and let’s not forget that fabulously useless 3rd stringer name of Kilgore that rounds out yer QB stable.So can you please tell me and everyone else in here again how Jumbo Barker is beyond a doubt the “GREATEST GM” of all time in the history of the CFL ?
I would say that right now outside of Montreal’s uncertain situation at qb that this is without a doubt the worst group of quarterbacks on any roster in the league. As a matter of fact the Argos have a better group of ex-qbs on other teams playing in the league right now then what they have on their current roster. Yes I’m talking Collaros, Harris and Gales !!! :cowboy:

Now that Boxcar Willy has taken his clipboard carrying act to BMO - its time to put up or shut up.

The guy gives the most repetitive and boring press conferences and media clips - even Ricky Ray or Bob O'Billovich can't train him up on this account.

Lafevour might have a particularly week arm after 20 yds but he's a valiant warrior - something apparently that's been knocked out of WILLY WONKA.

Willy might be able to heave a pigskin 50 to 55 yds downfield but he's never been particularly accurate - and the worst thing - he's a concrete pylon in the pocket.

Yet, in Wpg. O'Shea was so loyal to this bag of hammers it took an intervention from Wadzilla to insert a quality back-up into the lineup and vola - Willy disappeared within a few weeks.

Willy is the new Michael Bishop.
Has raw talent that is undermined by poor reads, slow release and inaccuracy and at near 30 it may be unrealistic to think that these shortcomings can be remedied

.....Willy is like a turtle behind centre....His evasion tactics are nil and that's why he was pasted in the Bomber backfield on numerous occasions... It was obvious it wasn't all O Line...He was slow to dump the ball off and indecisive in his play generally....Probably why they want to bring him along slowly in T.O....Now slow and Willy fit...He has the potential to be more than a clip board holder.....Good luck to the argos shedding that handle... :roll:

There's absolutely ZERO question that Barker and Milanovich are by far the best in the league at identifying and developing QB talent. It's not even close, Bob.

But unfortunately they can't work miracles. LeFevour has no hope at being a competent starting QB. Just doesn't have the arm strength or accuracy. Casual fans such as yourself may not realize it, but those are pretty important qualities for a QB to possess.

Really hope I'm wrong about Drew Willy, but as you know from following my comments so closely Bob, my football assessments and analysis are rarely wrong.

Remember how I told you the Saints were going to be complete garbage this year? Sorry about your luck, Bob.

Drew Willy and Mike Bishop are about as dissimilar as it gets. It's like comparing apples to snowmobiles.

Bishop was a pure athlete who was at his best scrambling around. Drew Willy is a pure pocket passer.

Bishop got himself in trouble by making stupid decisions and trying to force throws. Drew Willy gets himself into trouble by holding onto the ball too long.

Willy has a good to well above average arm but he's not in the lofty category of Mike Bishop - the Mike Tyson of CFL quarterbacks. Bishop's arm might only be exceeded by Ralph Brock the guy who tossed a ball 93 yds in warmups.

Bishop could actually role out of the pocket and pick up the odd 7 to 10 yd scampers once he realized his brain couldn't process the reads. Willy just waits - and waits - and waits - FOR CONTACT

Not even close? I would be willing to put Wally's record up against them. No doubt Barker and Milanovich have done well and are top end with QBs, but to suggest Wally is not even in the conversation is plain silly.

Mike "throw harder not smarter" Bishop
It was like the guy said to himself "I know he picked it off last time, but if I chuck it harder it will get past him"
He was in a special league all by himself. Willy is not even close to being permitted to play in said league.

Bishop and Willy are pretty much polar opposites. Bishop was a big, strong mobile quarterback that could throw the ball farther than any quarterback I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to be able to read plays well.

That doesn’t sound like Willy at all to me.

LOL!!! yup yer rarely wrong alright :lol: so tell me again and everybody else in here how those BC Lions are nothing but bottom feeders this year ? Have you sent yer $100.00 cheque out to Rhymes with Oranges yet ?
Ya weren't too right on that one now were ya :lol: but that's okay it was an easy mistake to make being that yer just a casual fan and all. :lol:

Oh and as for my Saints being complete garbage this year ? Like yer telling me something I don't already know :roll: . All I said was that I was a fan of the team. I never once said anything about them being good this year. I'm like you are with the Argos, even though I know my team sucks I still cheer for them anyway much like you cheer for your team anyway even though the Argos suck this year. The only difference is that you will never admit that yer team actually sucks. You just rattle on telling anybody who will listen how yer team has the BEST this and the BEST that :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry about your luck, Don.

As far as the original question is concerned -

I believe Milo will crawl thru the desert w/ Danzo Fever next game - in the back of his mind Milo prolly has a threshold when he'd have to trot Willy into the game - - - - I suspect that's at least 2 picks, a 14+ pt deficit and approx. 1/2 a game away.

Best guess if things go south next argos game - around 2 possessions into the 3rd quarter!

[i]It sounds like there is tension of a certain nature between Don and Bob. :oops:

You two get a room already! :cowboy: [/i]

Nope, No tension............................
He just hates it when I prove him wrong, Johnny :smiley: :cowboy:

Besides Don-51 is already spoken for !!! :lol:

....Well we got a snapshot of Willy behind centre last night....Looked like the same ol qb. that left the Peg...at first....Did redeem himself a bit with a nice td. toss that rainbowed ...To be fair he needs more reps. and the argos really need a qb. other than 'the Fevour'...He seems to fit the bill... Still a loss for Milo and company but at least there's hope down the road with Willy ...I think....

Drew Willy at least has an arm capable of throwing beyond 20yds with some zip and accuracy - - no other QB currently under contract with the Argos has that ability.