When do Season Tickets arrive?

Does anybody know when we will recieve our Season Tickets? I'm not complaining or anything and I'm not in a huge rush. I'm really just curious.

Go RedBlacks!

Good question. I've heard nothing, but I recall last year that it was getting a little nervously close for some people.

They seem to be toning down some costs so I wonder if they'll be as nicely packaged as last year's? I can't imagine that they'll do the box thing every year so now I'm curious as to how the whole package will look.

And I suspect they'll be sent out by Purolator like they were last year.

The Rough Riders / Renegades used to have these huge Season Ticket pick up nights and I went for pretty much every single one of them dating back to around 1983. There is a lot of cost involved in putting one of these events on (staff, ushers, security, band, food etc) and I also noticed that aside from just picking up your tickets (which is what most people only did), they were pimping team merch.

There were a handful of local alumni on hand and maybe a handful of rookies who got to town sooner than everyone else but at the end of the day, The party usually winds down sooner than planned and I don't think the team recouped the cost of the Season Ticket pickup party at all.

Offloading it to Purolator and having another event of some kind is more cost effective for the REDBLACKS.

With Ottawa playing both pre-season games on the road again this year, I would suspect we will be getting an extra ticket (in lieu of pre-season game) in our package again for a "Meet and Greet" or similar event like last year for season ticket holders.

As for the Riders - We used to go to all those ticket pick up nights and had a blast!

Talking with players and getting the kids some autographs from the past and current players, talking to friends you only see at games, having that first overpriced $10 beer at the park and the excitement of knowing Opening Kick-off is almost here ............... ahhhhhhhh the memories 8)

I bought the Home Opener Mini Package and I had the option to print them out.

Goes to prove...Pimpin' ain't easy. 8)

Just seen on Facebook: "I just ordered season tickets last week, and they said they'd be purolatered out in early June."

In other words...they'll get here when they get here.

Our first home game isn't for another 2 months. I'm in no hurry to see them....

Just got email from the RedBlacks

Our REDBLACKS season tickets are now designed and ready for the printer. We’ll have them back here towards the end of May and then we’ll courier them to your door in June.

Some good season ticket numbers this year. Down compared to last year at this time but still very strong with a few weeks to go.

The REDBLACKS are the envy of the CFL due their success at reaching the elusive 18-24 year old demographic.

17,000 season tickets in year 1.
Typical renewal is 50% after year 1 in pro sports, Ottawa has already hit 80% renewal (~15,500).
Every single season ticket holder that has not renewed has been/will be contacted by Jeff Hunt personally (~225 accounts).
Early reports indicate that no fans had issues with the team or the venue.
Many of the fans have opted to move from full season ticket purchases have still purchased multi-game packages.


Just got an email from our ticket agent

Season Tickets coming next week !! :slight_smile:

Looks like it's today! :stuck_out_tongue: I haven't been home yet but some folks are showing them off on Twitter and such.

Not specific to season tickets, but Gord Holder for the Citizen reports that the team will soon announce that there are fewer than 1000 tickets left for the season opener. I think Hunt had pretty much said recently that he could pretty well guarantee another sell out.


There it is:

OTTAWA - The Ottawa REDBLACKS today announced fewer than one-thousand tickets remain unsold for the July 4 home opener at TD Place against the BC Lions. Fans interested in attending the game are encouraged to order their tickets as soon as possible.

“We’re heading for a sell-out,? said Jeff Hunt, President of OSEG Sports, the REDBLACKS parent company. “We’re thankful for the tremendous support from fans in Ottawa/Gatineau and excited by the prospect of showing RNation Lansdowne Live. Hopefully fans will make it a home opener weekend by attending the sold-out Serena Ryder concert at TD Place on Friday July 3rd, the REDBLACKS game on the 4th and the Fury FC Fall Season opener on the 5th.?

Lansdowne Live is a lifestyle brand that encompasses the arena and stadium at TD Place, a retail and entertainment district, condominiums and an 18-acre urban park. On game and event days, it’s the biggest party destination in town. Visit www.LansdowneLive.ca for details.

Tickets for the REDBLACKS home opener and other REDBLACKS home games can be ordered online from the REDBLACKS website or by calling Capital Tickets at 613.599-FANS (3267).

Fans are reminded that a REDBLACKS ticket is also a ticket to ride OC Transpo and STO transit (Gatineau) for free to and from the game, commencing three hours before kick off and continuing for 3-hours after the game. The REDBLACKS also offer free park and shuttle service from Canada Post (Riverside at Heron) commencing two hours before kick-off for the home opener.