When Did This Demise Start

I've been wondering about this for a while now. When did this team start slide into oblivion?
After the 2000 season when they didn't resign the free agents the losing started and has never really stopped.
I also blame Bob Young for part of it. Sure he stepped in and bought the team before it became extinct but I think he is a large part of this problem.
He said when he bought the team he knew nothing about football and some of the decisions he made showed that.
He hires a GM with zero football experience. He makes bad trades and decisions and the team slides further
He hires a rookie GM. He makes bad trades and decisions and the team slides even further
He has a president that leaves after a season. What is this saying about the rest of the organization
Now he hires a GM that has experience but is ready for retirement in a couple years
The management on this team is a disaster and that is the problem
Even when Ron Lancaster was GM he still couldn't make it work
The money is there now but just as it can't buy happiness it can't buy a football team
Bob Young's misunderstood guidance and lack of knowledge has filtered down through the team like a cancer.
It doesn't matter what the team does it keeps getting eroded from the inside out.
High priced talent is a bust
Players dropping like flies from injuries
I'm sorry to say but I think Bob may have to go (possibly both of them) and this team needs an owner with a direction already mapped out. Not a bunch of goals listed on a piece of paper that has a 5 year time frame.
What happens after next year when his 5 year plan has gone up in smoke like a Cheech and Chong movie?
Will he look at selling the team because he was unable to attain any of his goals and accept it as a failed business experiment?
The core of the management team needs to be solidified and until that happens all we are going to see are the basement walls with a single ray of sunshine on occasion coming in from a broken window

ahh shuddup

Cant Blame Bob , FOR Charlee Taaffe. His Nonchalant attitude is (was) the problem, he,s gone, and the Ti Cats are not far from being a contender, as long as they Build the O Line and D line, for next season. i have been a Ti Cat fan for 20 years, and never have i seen interest or attendance as high as in Bob Youngs era, and i think BoxDRow6 owes him an apology for making such a stupid post.

I don't believe it was a stupid post but perhaps I did sway a bit from my original point
It's just that some of the moves that this team has done over the past 8 years has just been hard to believe.
No disrespect to Bob Young. Bob has done some very good things about having the team be a bigger presence in Hamilton. What am I saying is some of the decisions that have started at the top have been questionable

But to go back to my original point, that is when do you think this team started to go downhill? Was it after the 2000 season or was it well before that and we got lucky in '98 and '99?

Bob is an arms length owner not actively involved with the team, BoxDRow6.

He merely funds the operation of the franchise.

To use a generic football analogy...is the quarterback responsible
for how successful the running back is after he hands him the ball?

Ok, so if Bob isn't the owner do we just go to the CFL Owners waiting list?

This team started going down hill WAY before then. The Lancaster hire hid how bad this organization is for 4 years or so. But remember it wasn't a stroke of brilliance that caused us to hire Lancaster. He simply wanted to coach closer to his family. Because he came here, several all star players who where loyal to him followed.

I think the demise started during the Grant - McDonald era.

There came a point where there was not enough money to run the team properly.

The team was unable to come up with enough money to sign talent and players left for greener pastures elewhere. Can't blame them.

The financial troubles were such that the coaching staff was inadequate in terms of numbers. There just weren't enough coaches.

Along comes Bob Young and all the financial troubles are out the window. He does a terrific job on the marketing and business side and delivers an outstanding gameday experience. Brilliantly done!

However, who ever was, or is, giving him advice on the football side of matters was/is giving him bad advice.

The structure and order of hirings for management, GM and coaches left a lot of people scratching there heads. Therein lies the root of the current on field problem.

Is Scott Mitchell the guy to run this ship?

Is Obie the right GM?

The jury is still out, and the I believe once the coaching situation is adressed in the off season will we finally have all our ducks in a row properly. This includes assistants as well as the head coach.

Sure these current coaches were hired by Obie, but I'm not convinced that they were the best choices due to the time constraints. Obie been around long enough now to remedy that.

Trail and error, learning from mistakes has taken too many seasons, but I'm hopeful the right direction is finally being established.

I think the wage cap starting when a lot of teams were much stronger than us and their core players are much more set than ours didnt help us any. Not the only excuse but more difficult for us to catch up now. Its like the other teams saying were strong now lets have a wage cap.

Good point.

I think it started when sauve left. A real good football guy was let go or squeezed out and then who became gm? Bob Katz.........a guy with zero football experience started to run the show. It took mr young how long to actually have the proper pecking order? I dont think its the cats survival or success this owner is concerned with. As long as MRX is doing well I dont think the cats matter so much.

But the cats owner is one of the biggest champions of the wage cap. Although that doesnt seem to matter at jarvis st where they need a shoe horn to fit another suit in there working for the cats/MRX.

Bob’s a smart guy. i remember awhile ago he talked about a joint promo with the buffalo bills. if that happens and they ever do relocate,guess who would have the foot in the door for nfl promotion? mrx…

I can just see bob nonchalantly skimmng through the newpapers in Raleigh.

Hmmm..The Wild..errr..Tiger Cats lost again.

Attendance down 50% from last game. Ho hum...

Ya' right.


The little guy often thinks rich guys have lots of money to lose
so they won't begrudge a few million dollars or so in losses

especially, if they are making a few million somewhere else.


They value the money that they have earned and hate losing it

or they wouldn't have gotten where they are in the first place.

The cats are just part of MRX, no biggie if they lose money, its a good write off.

That's exactly what I said, isn't it, beet?

Lets Go Stamps
by Onknight on Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:00 pm

Since my Ticats are now Toast.
I hope you guys win it all..

Get Amour his Grey cup...

I will be Cheering for Calgary the Rest of this season Including in Hamilton This Year.


That's not when the demise started - that was the point when it absolutely hit rock bottom. Within 24 hours, it started to bounce back rather nicely. :wink:

MRX is the ticats parent company ron, ran out of the same building as the ticats. You dont understand how business works I take it? The benefits that owning the ticats in hamilton has to the growth and future of mrx far outweighs the negatives. I am not accusing them of anything untoward whatsoever in case you get that idea. I think mrx is a good company and are working hard at becoming bigger and better. owning the ticats puts them in a good position business wise in this city and league. You can do your own research and come up with your own conclusion. They value their money and they hate to lose it, just like you said.......but business people know you sometimes have to spend some in one area, to make some and build in another. MRX spends on the ticats but its worth every penny. Putting an accountant with no football experience as gm of a pro franchise and losing sauve was where this thing went wrong in my opinion. They wanted a money cruncher gm and forgot you need to know a thing or two about football also. ditto for desjardins....another numbers guy who could cut talent and save money but didnt know how to build a football team. I think they have it right now finally but I also think they are realising it cant be done on the cheap.

ron: You were just given a lesson in how to make your point clearly. :wink: