When Did The East vs. West For The Grey Cup Disappear?

During the 60's, 70's, and the 80's for sure, during Grey Cup week, the big question was who would win the big game, the East or the West. The emphasis was strongly East vs. West and most people would choose one side to cheer for without mentioning the teams involved. Slowly this disappeared and you very rarely hear the East vs. West connection anymore. When and why do you think this disappeared? I personally think it disappeared after the failed U.S. expansion by the CFL in the mid-90's.

I agree I am hoping for Hamilton and I guarantee you 70% in Vancouver at the game will be hoping for them also.

were the rest of Vancouver and bc does not care.

I think the true death of it was in 1987 when the Als folded and the Bombers went over... I was at the 91 Grey Cup and everyone was cheering for Calgary even though Winnipeg was in the East. If the exact game and location was held 4 years earlier then nothing would of seemed out of the ordinary.

I agree with you Bungle. When a western team was moved to the east I think that marked the beginning of a different attitude.

For me, I never looked at it as West vs East to determine who I would cheer for. For example this year I’m cheering for Hamilton. Had the Esks gotten to the Grey Cup I would have been cheering for the Esks. Nothing to do with which side of the country the teams are on.

In fact had the cross-over team made it to the Grey Cup it would have been two western teams in the Finale. So much for the east vs west rivalry. The west vs east concept originated back in 1921 when the Esks went to play the Argos.

I think there’s a lot of truth in what you say, but I also believe that a lot has changed about Canada itself since then. The traditional east-west divide is lost on many younger and new Canadians now. Maybe it’s for the best.

I agree, the rooting interests lie more with the team want to win or lose as opposed to which wnd of them country they're based.

It would be very difficult for me to root for an eastern rep if it's not the Argos. Maybe an exception for the RedBlacks but that would end if they ever win their first cup. After that, it's back in the black book they go.

I think so.

To me it is planet/species before country before province before city. Couldn’t care less about west/east. Could never stand how my parents always cheer for the west regardless of who it its.

that’s easy. East sucks :twisted:

west is best :wink:

I always thought the East-west rivalry kind of died out when the integrated schedule was introduced. That was before I started watching football, but my father used to tell me about how the Grey Cup would be the first time you’d see these guys. You had no idea what to expect from these players you’d never heard of in the days before games were broadcast nationally. In those days, it truly was an “us versus them” mentality, and my father continued to cheer for the East in the Grey Cup for the rest of his life.

Don't forget the years where Montreal was the class of the East to the point that several years nobody else really mattered. It wasn't East vs West, it was Montreal vs West.

It's a silly geographic distinction anyway, it died off because the world is smaller than it used to be and in the political sphere, the days of Upper & Lower Canada completely lording over everywhere else are gone.

Things have changed and which side of the Manitoba border you're on really doesn't mean much of anything anymore.

It's also why you won't see something like the Richard Riots again. That was really about French Quebec feeling put down and mistreated by English Canada (justifiably so in some ways), and then seeing their hero treated unfairly by yet another English guy.

That was a sporting event fueled by the political climate, and that climate no longer exists. With Western provinces now actually mattering in the Federal Government, the East vs West climate caused by that is also gone.

It has a lot to do with rivalries. If you are a Argos and Als fan, you are definitely not cheering for the Tiger-Cats. Same can be said with the Riders and Eskies when it comes to the Stamps.

IMHO it's better this way.... we have too much regional disdain for other teams in the division. also with social media And tge dreaded "interent" the rivalries now last all year round. when I was a kid (right around the time the wheel was invented) after November you didn't hear or see anything about other football teams. Even getting local news about the stamps was like pulling teeth during the off season. also travel is easier. And just speaking for alberta... It's a very transient province. Not many are Even second generation albertans. So every walk of football fan lives on my street here in little old brooks alberta (Many lions fans from bc, sask, edmontonians, the odd Als fan). Everyone here for work. and no one wants to cheer for stamps lol just me

I’m an Argo fan cheering for the Ticats. Not because they’re in the east but because I think it’s best for the league to have two strong, healthy franchises in southern Ontario, and one would be a start.