When Charlie Quit on the team I quit on Charlie

3rd and 6 inches.
Dear Charlie:
You'd know, if you'd ever bothered to understand the CFL game, that up here we go for it on 3rd and less than a half yard. You see, in the CFL, the defensive linemen line up a full yard off the ball - and THEY don't know the snap count.
The QB has only to lean forward to gain a half yard.
But NO, you demonstrated your ignorance of our game again and again.
Once again this week, you managed to personally hurt the team by failing to understand the challenge rule (or your inability to count to three - I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here).
Your clock management was again abysmal, and your utilization of the ample resources given to you by ownership was disturbing. Don't even get me started on your decision to pass for two and outs in the third quarter with the lead and with huge success running the ball and Casey having a subpar night...
When you quit on the team on 3rd and 6 inches, it was clear on the faces of the team that they have quit on you.
I heartily agree with them.
It is time for a change.

All they had to do was keep running the football!!!Thr Argonauts could'nt stop us.For whatever reason Mr.Beutifulleaf decided to put the game into the hands of a quarterback with a sore thumb!!!

Incompetence at its finest!!!!!

We don't have coaches, we have buffoons.

All they had to do was keep running the football!!!Thr Argonauts could'nt stop us.For whatever reason Mr.Beutifulleaf decided to put the game into the hands of a quarterback with a sore thumb!!!
I seem to remember them stopping us on 3rd and 1.5

Also…all people calling out Charlie for not going for it on that 3rd down…please think about this…if the cats went for it…and were stopped (which has happened several times to us in the past)…would you be calling for his head for going for it on third down on our OWN TWENTY YARD LINE?

Well on his 5th quarter interview he said they already made up their minds before the game that Printers wouldnt be sneaking the ball because of his thumb, thats why they brought Williams in earlier. And they couldnt bring williams in to sneak the ball because they were playing hurry-up offense and the clock was ticking, so they hand it off.

I just dont really get... Printers was runnin the ball all over the damn field, diving for TD's and extra yards, getting hit pretty hard, and that didnt bother him, and im SURE he would have happily kept for a sneak, but taffe calls that play.

But really... regardless...you should be able to get a damn half a yard, regardless of the play call.

Yes. Stopped on 3rd and 1.5, SIX INCHES SHORT!
Not stopped short on 3rd and SIX INCHES!
Understand the difference?
It's a key difference and people who've played the Canadian game understand it very well.

Dude...On the ensuing punt ...That's where the ball ended up anyway!!!!!

It was an inexcusably dumb call...

He needs to go to Morgantown!!!!!

We've been stopped on third and inches several times in the past. YES...you should easily get a yard or less in the CFL. The reality is, it downt always happen. On the 20 yard line, I can understand him making that decision.

And Dude....you dont make decisions in a game because the special teams might collectively take a dump and allow a monstorous return that put the ball there anyway.

I'm not saying Charlie should stay....but I see why he did what he did on that first third and short call...

Actaully,I sort of agree with you...Seeing as our offensive line might be one of the worst in the history of professsional football.

The fact is,if you cannot make 6 inches in the CFL you might as well pack it in!

By the way,it was'nt the first time the coverage team cr@pped out when that decision was made.That had been going on all night.

Cats have been abysmal on third and short all year long. When we make it, we make it by inches. We have come up short many times.

My problem is that we forget what was working on first and second down and go with some lame QB sneak, or hand off to third string running back.

Go with the guys that do it for you all game. These guys are making extra yards after being hit on most occasion.

I have to agree it was a tough call deep in your own end. I believe that Dorsey was able to break the return due to two blocks in the back by Argos. Sadly they were missed by the officiating crew.

Saying kick it with three inches to make is an insult to the offence and pretty much kills any incentive and momentum this team may have had at the time. This coach and his OC are morons. They should not be coaching at a professional level. The reason the Cats are unsuccessful so often on third and short is because they are so predictable. There is no rule that says you have to run off tackle every time you touch the ball.

tcfan was it really 3 and 3 inches. I have to agree, with you. That is an insult to the entire offensive line. All they have to do is snap it correctly to to printers for the sneak. It should have been automatic and in my opinion that isn`t much of a gamble!!

ONe play Just one play with Caully and Lumsden on the field together, it went 9 yds. then no more? why ? i said it before and ill say it again, TiCats dont Need to pass the football . And they need to work on a Short ydg set!

Was it just one time they were out together? That's disgusting. I knew it was at least once but i guess I figured it was more than once. I know I saw Lumsden and Pierce and Caulley and Pierce a few times. What is the problem with having Lumsden and Caulley out there together. Why wern't they out there for the third and 1.5. i guess that would have been too much to ask.

If memory serves (watching the game on TSN), the LOS was closer to the 30 than the 20. I do not have an issue with Mr. Morgantown's thought process then given the field position and the woeful performance of converting third-and-shorts this year.

However, there comes a time when getting outcoached on a weekly (and biweekly when the Cats are lucky) basis is recognized as a major impediment to "Year Five," "the rebuilding program," "Beachwood Aging," or whatever other spin one would want to put on this process.

5-22. And counting.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed, not to mention that there was what appeared to be a brutal non-call on an illegal block by the blue team on that return.

The Cats have been inconsistent at best on short yardage. A failed 3rd down gamble near our own 20 at that stage of the game would have been the proverbial dagger in the heart. I thought punting was the right call.

i wonder if taafe could even win the ofssaa title with this coaching staff? clean house again!

As a neutral observer, I believe the Ti-cats have pretty good intensity, but are bogged down by the worst coaching staff in the league.

3rd and inches, you always to go it unless you are at your own 3 yard line. Every play could be catastrophic but you must play the game with courage and not worry. If you are so timid as to be that ultra conservative, you should be coaching the game.

I'd certainly love to go head to head against Charlie and Voldemort Easley.

and after the BC game, I’d say that the team has quit on Charlie…