When Calgary runs out of Pilsner...

What are the Rider fans going to drink? I sure hope the grocery stores have stocked up in their watermelons!

...I have prepared for this inevitability and sent my wife, daughters and husky to Kamloops to wait this event out until Monday....my son and I will hold down the well-stocked fort up near Nose Hill, where we have a very good view of the surrounding lower areas....hahahaha, try to find those claymores rider fans...

I hope there's a lot of Watermelon in Calgary. It's a shame to see watermelon being wasted on rider fans. I love my watermelon!

Also what's it like in Calgary? I so wish I could be there...

It's been starting to get exciting. I think right now it's sort of the build. We had the horse go into the hotel today so I think that makes sure it's kicked off. This weekend is just going to be great!

Have you seen all the events?


The CFL(and Calgary) did a really good job this year. I remember last time it was in Calgary and it just didn't seem this big. I'm usually lazy and don't bother but I'm going to a few of these events. I saw the illuminate on the news tonight. It looks really cool.


I think I might have to hit the Atlantic Schooner party tomorrow night and free food at Olympic plaza tomorrow.

[url=http://2009greycupfestival.com/olympicplaza_fanfest.html]http://2009greycupfestival.com/olympicp ... nfest.html[/url]

I've gotten really involved and informed on the stuff this year. I think this may be the most excited I've been for a Grey Cup.

I'm probably excited for the events since I don't really care for either team.

I have plenty of Vitamin 'P' at my house, I might share with the right person. Nudge Nudge :wink: :wink:

You might want to save it and try to sell it. It will be worth a fortune late Sunday when the Riders lose!

If the Riders do lose, I'm not sure it'd be wise to piss off a bunch of Saskatchewan fans who, more than likely, will already be three sheets to the wind. :wink:

If I was mercenary I would have sold my Grey Cup tickets to some desperate tractor jockey. Why would I sell my beer?

Might get a premium price when they need to drink their sadness away!

Then how am I supposed to drink my sadness away over the fact that I no longer have Pil.

My tickets aren’t for sale and neither is my Vitamin ‘P’.

On a side note, do you think the Grey Cup organizers were smart enough to stock Pil at the stadium?

...jm02 is only wearing her rider jersey this entire weekend....sounds like a suitable candidate....

Fair enough. Need the Pil. I'm sure they had to leave it with Canadian at McMahon. Sponsorships and stuff. Who knows though!

Since Molson owns Pil, it should not be a big issue.

She could do worse :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:

....cape, medieval codpiece, davy crockett hat, Crisco body grease....

You must've made one hell of a sales pitch to your wife when you asked her to marry you. :stuck_out_tongue:

...I won her in a duel, to the death I might add....then I won her heart with romance...then she blinded me with science...such is the courting rituals of the aged, be glad Chief, these oddities of the elderly are foreign to you my friend....

...Disclaimer: I'm on my second Maudite, in honour of the Als, it's my company christmas party tonight (hic)....

She could do worse :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:
....cape, medieval codpiece, davy crockett hat, Crisco body grease....
I rest my case. :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

You could hardly tell... :lol: