When are we going to honour the 1972 Team?

Let's face it, a numbef of us got hooked on Tiger Cat football when the Cats won the 72 Grey Cup.

We have honoured every winning team since then but have failed to acknowledge that squad.

Let's get a push behind recognizing that group before it's too late.

How about 40th anniversary----2012?

Tim Horton's first ever television commercial featured two members of the 1972 Grey Cup winning Tiger-Cats..............Gary Inskeep and Angelo Mosca

Here it is.......

[url=http://www.everycup.ca/story/tim-hortons-first-commercial/page/2/date]http://www.everycup.ca/story/tim-horton ... age/2/date[/url]

Also Pat Quinn ... don't recognize the other 2.

Nice work. :rockin:

The other two are George Armstrong (Toronto Maple Leafs) and Tim Horton himself. The commercial was most likely filmed at Store # 1 on Ottawa St.in Hamilton (currently owned by former Tiger-Cat player and President David Sauve and his wife Maureen)

By the way, I hear Tim Hortons is opening stores in Ireland of all places......just great!......green donuts! :wink:

I’d love to see that. I was born the day after. Still got a copy of the Spectator that mom my kept after all these years.

Good eye Mate ...