When are these ticket stubs from?

Hi, for some time I've been trying to identify the year these ticket stubs are from, games I attended. Never had seasons tickets so they are just random. There is no date of any sort on either the back or the front, and the Jackie Parker one doesn't even have the opposing team! So if anyone can help....it looks like they may all be from the same year except the Jackie Parker and the bottom left as the printing is in yellow on that one. And I wrote 1984 on it because I think that is the only year Montreal had the helmet with that logo? Anyhow, any help would be wonderful! Also I have dated ticket stubs from other years, so going by those figure these should be somewhere between 1982-1986

Based on the images on the tickets, I would say the mid-70's.

Commonwealth stadium wasn't used for Football until after the games in '78, so mid-70s can't be right. They look like tickets when I went to games in the mid 80's. Love those prices!

The yellow writing on that ticket stub is from 1984. The Green ones are from 1982 or 1983, and the one with Jack Parker was Oct 2, 1987.

Great stuff; collecting ticket stubs myself. Always fun.