When are the uniforms coming out ?

We are now heading into the the latter part of February. When are the uniforms going to be introduced ?

April, according to Jeff Hunt at the town hall.

They'll come out when they come out.

Thank you. I was unable to attend the town hall event. At least your response is helpful, unlike the previous stupid comment.


April sure does seem late though. Only about a month before camp?

Reebok makes them. Team does not control that.

The team has been official (free of legal entanglement, I mean) since late 2012 though, if I recall correctly. You'd think that the designs might have been included with the 2013 releases, but who knows...

If something goes wrong, easy solution: Shirts and skins. :thup:

The team didn't have a name yet. I'm sure the uniforms are designed but the way to reveal them is with real examples, they will likely go up for sale on the team's site at the same time. If you look at the teams online stores. Its barren as teams wait for the new Reebok collection. Expect them to be unveiled with Ottawa's first draft pick.

Aside from the fact that they didn't have a name or logo until recently, would anyone trust the design enough to spring for a jersey that early? (Anyone still have a Sens jersey with this logo on it?)

I'm pretty sure Reebok and the teams work together, with the team having the final say. Hence, Montreal's unis didn't change significantly during the most recent league-wide redesign.


Official RB Uniform!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/02/21/ottawa-redblacks-going-with-plaid-fashion]http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/02/21/ott ... id-fashion[/url]


When the Ottawa RedBlacks launch their full merchandise line, they'll find out if plaid is cool.

A plaid lumberjack look, one that their mascot will wear, could be a huge part of the RedBlacks' apparel line.

It will be wonderfully unique. Just imagine a couple of thousand fans wearing plaid in the stands.

Look for the merchandise, along with the team's home and away jerseys, to be trotted out sometime early in May, perhaps at a fashion show.

"We don't have anything set in stone," said OSEG Sports president Jeff Hunt. "But May 10, in that range, is when we believe we'll do it."

So what about the checkered look ... the plaid?

"We're looking at where we can go with that," said Hunt. "That lumberjack look, that plaid, is popular with young people. It's unique and it sort of fits with the whole history of what we're trying to do -- with the sawblade, with Ottawa as a logging town. To work on merchandise items or lines that incorporate some of that would probably be a good thing that would be well received.

"I'm amazed, when I show that stuff to my 18-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter, they love it. It is retro, it is old-fashioned. They look good. For whatever reason, it connects with younger people. If my uncle in the 1960s or '70s would have worn that type of jacket, he'd look like a guy who needed a wardrobe upgrade. But now, it has a cache."

OK, what about the jerseys?

"They're a modern jersey," said Hunt. "They reflect the modern CFL. I wouldn't categorize it as traditional. When we launch our jerseys, we need to have jerseys for fans. When we roll them out, we want to be able to instantly have a quantity of them for our fans."

Hunt claims May 10th range for uniform unveil, and the draft is May 13th....hmmmm

Based on this article, it sounds like there is a good chance the jerseys will have plaid somewhere on them. Maybe on the sleeves or underneath the armpits (like where eskimos green is on there white away jerseys)? Could make for a unique look.

I hope plaid isn't on the jerseys. Hats and shirts, cool. Not uniforms.

Maybe they'll be the first football team to wear kilts instead of pants :lol: Kind of a "Brave Heart" look.....might get chilly though later in the season. :wink:

I totally agree.

micro-kilts with the checkers instead of the Keltic family colours on the cheerleaders would be :thup:

A plaid stripe on the helmet and sleeves might look all right. As long as they don’t overdo it.

Here is something to inspire the ROJONEGROS. Wonder if they will go with something this bold ?


Gawd! I hope not!

Those Bucs' unis are being pretty much panned by the fans! They hate 'em. You can do 'Tradition Meets Futuristic' waaay better than that. And how 'bout those alarm clock numbers?

Nike is ruining the look of football.