When are the players going to be added?!?

How can you have a site without the players, their stats, etc…?
And if you do add them, please put the right pictures with the stats. on the old site you had it all worng :cry:

id rather have speed on this site sooner, it can wait till season starts.

What happened to all the pics and player stats? Adding that stuff would make this site exciting for the die hards.

All the stats are under the game heading but they are the same Acrobat crap that they were B4

Anyone out there know where/how to navigate to get to the individual player profile pdf files for last season?

I used to be able to find it from the stats section of the CFL web page but it seems to be missing.

Trying to put my 2004 season together for Canadian Football—eh? and it’s always nice to be able to use the player’s complete name instead of just an initial.

Thanks, in advance.