When are the New Uniforms being released?

When are the new uniforms coming out anyone know? I know this is a frequently asked question but I heard early May. Does anyone have an exact date?

ticats is out, check the site.

Just take the basic design and change the colours and logos to match whatever team your looking for and that’s probably what we’ll get (unfortunately). I saw a pic of the proposed Stamps jersey a little while back, basically similar diesign in red, white, and black with the horse logos on the sleeves. Winnipeg will probably be the same just with blue and gold colours and the Bomber’s logo on the sleeve. I really hate the new design, looks way too Arena Football-ish, makes the CFL look bush league. Keep the tradition, don’t jump all over every fad in uniforms that comes along. Hope to hell the CFL gets rid of these Reebok designs next year, they suck!!!