When and why?

I thought it would be interesting to find out when and why you became a fan of a certain team. I'll start.

Twas 1968, living on an airforce base ( Beasejour Manitoba) I was 8 yo. I watched my first CFL game between the Lions and the Stamps.

I loved the horse on the helmet right away and the names of Peter Liske, Herm Hands, Larry Robinson, Rudy Linterman, Terry Evanshen and the likes stuck with me. My brother of course became a Lions fan.

At half time and after the game we would go outside and recreate the game, of course we inserted ourselves as the stars. Even as the younger brother I would kick his but. (-:

A dam horse on a helmet, go figure. And the rest is history,

Go Stamps Go.

1996 when the Als came back to the league! I was only 8 at that time, so I was easily amazed. But I kind of grew up watching them, then suddenly my dad got season tickets in 2000. Been a fan since, and loved every game I was at, even when they got blown out!

I was born with the horse on my butt.

As a child in the 60's, some of my fondest memories are of the family gathered around the radio (YES, the radio), listening to the Lions games. The Grey Cups would have us screaming and yelling in the kitchen like maniacs...the neighbours must've wondered what the heck was going on!

A big family outing was to pile into the station wagon and head to Exhibition Stadium...we'd always make an outing of it and go to the PNE and/or the "new" McDonalds in Richmond on the way home.

My mother (a die hard Lions' fan) passed away 2 years ago from inoperable brain cancer. We'd always phone each other back and forth during the games and she was so intense about it all...she'd never shut a game off. After she'd passed, I was cleaning up/deleting old phone messages when I came across her voice (she NEVER left phone messages - hated it!). It was a shocker to hear her - it was a celebratory message - the Lions had just won the Grey Cup. I treasure that recording so much.



Figures :smiley:

C'mon RW2005, spill the beans. When and why. Humanize yourself a little here. :smiley:

This is a great thread btw...good timing, we all need to chill out and this is the perfect opportunity to remember what it's REALLY all about.

(Oh, I added to my post after you'd quoted it) :wink:

I was born in Saskatchewan,but seriously in 1987 Rickie Hall was at our high school doing a presentation in the spring. We asked if he would come back in the fall to do a day camp.
He took a day of practise and drove 5 hours to be with us. He was great.
Been a fan ever since

Awesome stories...I love these.

...became a fan a long time ago...no reason, and none needed for me...

True, amazing what you can learn about someone in just a few sentences :slight_smile:

Keep em coming people.

Growing up in Kingston the proximity to Ottawa just made sense to cheer for them. Russ Jackson, Tony Gabriel, Gerry Organ, these were some of the players we pretended to be when playing football.

Alas my reason is not so interesting. Was born in Winnipeg but my familiy moved out to B.C. when I was 2. When I was growing up my dad had a deal with me that I had to be in bed by whatever my bedtime was but if the Lions or Canucks were playing I could lie in bed and listen to them until the game was over so long as the lights were out. Grew up with the Lions more or less although my uncle always tried to push the bombers on me.

LOL, very interesting actually. With you it was more subliminal. Nothing more soothing than drifting off to sleep with the sounds of football or hockey off in the distance.

I've been a Rider fan as long as I can remember. My Mom and Dad are fans and I remember going to a pre-season game in Saskatoon and getting my picture taken with "The Flame".
My first memory of becoming a Rider fan (not just because of my parents)was in the summer of 1989. I remember my Grandpa telling me the Riders weren't going to win that year. I quickly jumped to their defense and bet him a loonie they would win the Grey Cup. When I saw him again at Christmas he gave me the loonie. I will never forget that.

The flame I remember as a kid making hot dogs from his head LOL.

Mine is similar to Stampeder67, but for the era. I started watching as a young boy in the mid to late 50s, and it was the winged helmets that the Als had that caught my attention...and I've been an Als' fan ever since.

Being born and raised in Hamilton, however, the Cats are my #2 team, and of course by birthright I have to detest that blue team down the road........

A loonie from Grandpa :thup: , its amazing what little things can influence our lives.

LOL another logo victim, and someone closer to my own age :smiley:

Its funny but logo's and colours have a huge impact on which teams you cheer for when you are younger. It would be interesting to see 10 years from now who the 5-8 year old kids are cheering for with all the games on TV. Will it be the local team cause they go to games or whichever team uniforms catches there eye the most.