When and why did you become a fan of your team?

i just thought it might be interesting to see how you became a fan of your team

mine is kinda funny but here we go...i was in grade 3 (probably around '97..reinbold era lol) well we had to do some kind of a project but i cant remember what it was..but 2 of my friends decided to interview jeff reinbold, and no one really cared cuz we were only 8 (we didint really knew he sucked either :lol: )

but he was interviewed and after that we got a picture with him and our whole class...he seemed pretty cool, especially after he offered to give us all tickets to a game, and come to a practice and show us around the locker room

i thought it was a good idea to get out to my first game (that i could remember) with my dad, so we went...it was one of those things that i kept asking play after play what happened, and when the crowd cheered i would ask if we got a touchdown lol (least i knew what a td was)

he gave us prime seats behind the bomber bench row 1! i remember it was against toronto cuz of the ugly jerseys and helmets haha

ever since then ive loved the bombers, and have been to many many games...even tho it was jeff reinbold that basically introduced the game to me, it was the experience of being in the locker room, and right behind the bench

oooo, and i just remembered i was on the field with bob cameron punting with him to during that practice i was at..yeah it was pretty cool

so whats yours?

Born and raised in Vancouver. I am a fan of all Vancouver and BC sports teams, whether it’s professional or amateur.

Well i Started being a rider fan like near at the start of the 2003 season my dad was just talking on and on about the football game that night and when it started i was sleeping and my dad started yelling and being really loud and i woke up and i went to see what was up and he was just there watching the game so i started watching it and that was one of the most exciting football games ive ever seen. i knew most of the rules becuase i had madden 2003. and now me and my dad watch every rider game together.

Btw i was about 11 in 2003

as a proud BCer, the leos are of course my first team, now.

however, back in 66, I wasnt really into watching sports on TV, but there was nothing else on, so I sat and watched a game in black and white. I chose the white team. It was SASK. They won the game, they won the cup and they were my number one team until halfway thru the 89 season when I finally gave up on them and switched to Ham. Wouldnt ya know it, sigh.

Since them, the leos have been my 1st, but I have also cheered for the following teams for the following reasons.

Hamilton - ozzie, winfield, flutie
Toronto - flutie, pinball, dunigan
Calgary - only for flutie
winnipeg - only for dunigan

p.s. did the same thing with the flyers the year they won thier first cup. Was up north, one station, hockey game on, they were the white team. Won the game, won the cup. was a nice ride.

I received my first live taste of the CFL as a 9 yr old kid back in 1980 when I saw an Argos/Als game at the old Exhibition Stadium. Since then I have grown to appreciate the Canadian game and the realization that our game is more exciting than the ho-humness of the gridiron south of the 49th.

Although my fandom has stuck with the hometown Argos, and have been an on and off season ticket holder over the past 25+ seasons (the early sets were ones offered by A&P), I've come to respect the other franchises that encompass what the CFL has become today; even to the point where I have seen this great game played in four current CFL cities and two others that have previously housed CFL clubs and are currently not with us (re: Ottawa and Baltimore).

I've loved this great game of ours for over a quarter-century, and I intended to keep loving it for at least another quarter more.

My first game was Saskatchewan vs. Ottawa in 1977. I remember that game because of Wonderful Mohns(monds?), who played for Ottawa, and I remember the score of the game 27-17 Saskatchewan. I had been a Rider before that, but it was that game that made an impact on me.

My dad played for the Stampeders way, way, back when they first were called the Stampeders (that should give you an idea), so just logical I’d cheer for the Stamps.
The first CFL memory I have is when my dad got me and my brother on of those vibrating football games way back in the '70s (it was a CFL version of course), Calgary vs Winnipeg, even had a mini plastic Grey Cup and a couple of football posters which we put up on the bedroom wall. Can’t remeber the year (around '74 I’d guess), but that’s what got me interested in Canadian football, too bad the CFL doesn’t still promote itself like it did back then (we need CFL vidio/computer games,etc etc to get the attention of the next generation).

Born in Ottawa.

Must have been 8 or 9 when I switched to cheering for Als because I liked their helmets and unis better.

And no, I'm not going to say when that was --- except it was when Ottawa was good and Mtl wasn't. :lol:

It was 1965 and my brother, Dad and I were watching a game on TV between Saskatchewan and Calgary. It was the first game I had ever seen. I remember Lovell Coleman had some big runs and I decided that he was my favourite player. Then I got clued in by my family that I was supposed to cheer for Saskatchewan.

So in the playoffs that year Sask played Winnipeg and the Riders were driving for a winning TD late in the final minute and Ronnie tossed a 3rd down pass that hit the goal post and fell incomplete.

The first live game I saw was opening day next year in Edmonton. Jim Thomas had 2 long TD runs for the Eskies but the Riders won 40-13. The next week they won against Winnipeg 42-14. For the next decade things were pretty sweet in Sask. At first I used to feel sorry for the Eskimos. What a mistake that turned out to be. Maybe my family should have allowed me to cheer for Calgary that first game.

I was a teen when the Baltimore Stallions moved back to Montreal. I was studying in Jonquiere (6 hours North of Montreal) and coming back for the summer. So it was hard to find a summer job because by the time I'd be back, every Montrealers would have taken the student jobs already.

So I was there, at my parents house, with nothing to do with myself and no friends around because THEY had summer jobs. My dad was feeling bad that I had no entertainment at his place, so he said:

"Hey, you know Montreal just got a professionnal football team. The Alouettes. They're on TV this afternoon. You should watch. It could be interesting."

So I opened the TV and started watching. If my memory isn't failing me, Montreal was facing the Bombers in a game during which the lead switched back and forth about seven times. I was screaming like a crazy mo'fo' everytime someone was making a big play. So my dad came to see what was making me so loud. And by the time I just explained the crazy plays I saw, there was the lead changing again on a big play and my dad got hooked into the game too.

And I remember it was so thrilling, we both were standing and screaming in the living room for like the last 10 minutes of the game.

The Als scored the winning TD with only seconds to go in the game, and we were highfiving in the living room like we had been lifelong fans ! And this was my first CFL experience.

So the next week, I opened the TV again... and the following week too, and so on, and so on...

At the end of the season, I told my dad there was no way I'd watch all the games on TV the following year. So we bought season tickets and I has been a real fan ever since.

pretty cool stuff guys :thup: ..KEEP EM COMING!

Like Most Everyone Else It's Just The Local Team That I Root For. However What Really Started Me Watching CFL Is Actually The nFL.

At A Young Age I Was A Hugh Jays Fan And I Went To Games All The Time Between '89 And The Strike '93. After That It Was Hard For Me To Get Back Into The Sport Cause We Had Traded Away Most Of Our Talent. I Bounced Between Others Sports For A Few Years, Basketball And Hockey.

I Watched The '96 Grey Cup And It Was The First Full Football Game I Had Ever Seen. The Turning Point In That Game Was When Flutie Fumbled On A Third Down Attempt. While I Very Little Football Expierence I Was Confidant Enough To Argue The Next Day About Whether Or Not It Was Actually A Fumble.

Not Having TSN In Our Cable Package And Being At My Cottage Most Of The Summer I Didn't Really Get To Watch A Lot Of Football. However I Was Able To Watch A Number Of nFL Games So I Fallowed Flutie With The Bills Right Up Untill He Got Traded. That Coupled With My Parents Getting The Full Cable Package And The Fact That The Chargers Games Are Never Shown I Then Got Back Into The Wonderful World Of CFL Football.

Als’ because i usually go up to Montreal 3 times a year, and only about 4 1/2 hours from where i live. Signing Robert Edwards really put me over the top. I Like the team and there style, and also the city of Montreal is on of my favorite vacation spots. They are some of the most passionate fans.

Like my login name says, I was born & raised in Saskatchewan. When I started watching football, I was about 10 years old or so. That was during the Esk's dynasty days - late '70s, early '80s. Back when they couldn't lose. I sort of imprinted on them since they were so good and have been a fan ever since.

Now I live in Edmonton and have seasons tickets. Couldn't be happier, either.

Now the only childhood dream I haven't fulfilled is to be one of those bare chested drunken idiots in the stands during a playoff game in November. Soon. Soon.

Born and raised in London, Ont. Grew up since I can remember an Argo fan all the way, my Dad hated the TiCats, thought Hamilton was a no good for nothing dirty, rotten steel town not worthy of anything. But guess where I end up working and living? Yep, Hamilton. And have come to love the Cats as my no. 1 team and have had seasons tickets for a few years. Realize what a great stadium we have here compared with the sterile toilet bowl Skydome or Rogers Centre. I also like history and reading about Canadian football history has made me enjoy our league and our football tradition in this country more and more each year and realize just how important it is to our Canadian cultural identity.

Born in Winnipeg, and will be a fan 'til the day I die. Always will: BLEEDBLUE&GOLD!!! (and red :wink:)

1992 the Tiger-Cats were on the verge of collapse and I started taking notice of things in the paper. I was 14.

When I was 15 in 1993, went to my first CFL game: Hamilton versus Calgary. 19 000 at Ivor Wynne. Cats got smoked but I was hooked. Brother and I were back the following game versus Toronto.

Attended every '94 game before finally getting season tickets as part of the Drive for 95 from my Mum & Dad for Xmas.

Have been a season ticket holder ever since.

oh man.....I think it was 1971 or 1972, I was like 5 or 6 years old when I went to my first Bomber game, but I do remember it was against Saskatchewan and .......they beat us....I think they still had a pretty decent team then.....

I first started getting into football about 5 years ago. I used to only watch the NFL, mainly because most of my friends were fans of it and we only got a few channels in the country including Global and NBC. (CBC didnt even come in clear) I could never really get into the NFL game no matter how hard I tried so I decided to check out the CFL once we got satellite about 3 years ago. Instantly I knew this was the greatest type of football on earth. I became a fan of the Argos after their Grey Cup win in 2004. I don't know why, but for some reason I just couldn't be a die hard fan of the Argos. Maybe it was because of the Skydome (never really liked that stadium for football), or maybe it was the feeling of being part of the 'dark side' in the Toronto vs Hamilton rivalry aswell as the CFL. I don't know for sure. Anyway, I converted to a TiCat fan last season actually. After seeing their 0-8 start and being labelled huge underdogs, they still never gave up. They then went on to win 5 memorable and well deserved victories. Although this season is looking much the same, I will always keep faith. I love this team. :smiley:

I’m only 16 now, so I only got into it a couple years ago. Of course I always knew about the CFL but I just never bothered to sit around and watch a game. Plus the fact I live in Winnipeg and the Bombers weren’t a good team around the time.

My brother who is 22 now was always a fan of the Eskimos because he was born in Edmonton. So after years and years of trying to convert me away from the WWF, he finally did the year before John Avery became an Eskimo. That year, there was the XFL and I was a huge wrestling fan so I watched it and it wasn’t exciting at all. But, the year before John Avery came, (I think… 01, 02… somewhere there) I watched the 2 last games of the regular season. I became a half-fan, I didn’t really care If I missed a game though. But the next year I watched it full.

Jason Maas got injured and I was like “Oh my god, Jesse… Is this bad!?” and he said “Yes, very bad. He’s our starting quarterback, the guy that makes everything go.” Then, Ricky Ray came into the game but I was happy inside because I didn’t like Jason Maas because of his ears and his attitute. I was young, lol. Plus the fact, the year before, just when I was a huge fan he made me so upset because of how crappy he played against Calgary in the playoffs. Anyways, Turns out Ricky Ray was pretty good. :wink:

Then the next week, John Avery got into the game and blew everyone away. He was my favorite player because of how exciting he was, and how quick he was. He rushed for 1500 yards that year, while missing the first 5 games. That year they went to the Grey Cup, and I became a full fan.

But that off-season, when John Avery left to Minnesota, I remember sitting there heartbroken. I cried for a long time when that happened because he was my favorite player. I eventually got over it the next season once I saw Mike Pringle. I’ve been a huge fan ever since John Avery. Man, I wish he would come back to Edmonton.