When all else fails, go for the Big Mac Attack

So with no time on the clock, and OT seeming to be all but inevitable, the "man with the motor which just won't quit" comes through with the most crucial sack in quite a long time. Congratulations to GM for making the play that counts.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup:

And wasn't it McIntyre who forced that Jyles fumble that Floyd recovered, arguably the turning point of the game?

The front four had a good game, didn't they? Too bad Hickman never returned after he got injured in the 3rd quarter.

Yes. Was impressed with Hickman's speed chasing and catching Jyles on one play in the second quarter. Unfortunately it looked like the problem was his right knee and, if he didn't return, he likely will be out for some time. The Cats have been fortunate, so far, with only one injury (Jimenez) having any real effect on the team.

It was interesting to see McIntyre in on short yardage as fullback. He has played offence in the past (arena), so maybe he can carry once in a while as well? Or go out for a short pass on the run fake?

I think the GM stands for Garrett McIntyre not the GM as in Bob O'Billovich! :rockin:

That front 4 has been getting better each game and they played awesome last night. Im worried about Hick though, he went crashing into that wall pretty hard.

big players make big plays

Yes, I'm quite sure that the original poster was referring to Garrett McIntyre, and was not saying anything about Obie. Did you think I thought that?

I was saying that not only did McIntyre seal the win for us, he was also in on what could be considered the turning point of the game.

And about Hickman: Drew said his injury was only "day-to-day" here: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ebook.html

it makes me neverous when they say "day-to-day". They said Kenton Keith and Jason Jimenez would be day-to-day when they first got injured.