When a team kicks a field goal.... look inside

When a team kicks a field goal which team gets to decide whether to take the ball from the 35 or to do a kickoff?

In the Montreal Alouettes game they should have took the ball from the 35 instead of a kickoff to save time last night. IF THAT WAS AN OPTION.

I agree. Even if you have confidence in your kick return team, that type of ground play takes a lot of time.

I’m sure the team that would receive the kick off has the choice to scrimmage from the 35. In this case it was the Al’s. In this situation it was the wrong call to receive. They had ~30 seconds to get to field goal position for the win. The kick return ate up a lot of time and they ended up scrimmaging at the 30. That’s on coach.

In the last three minutes i dont know, do you have a choice??

In the last three minutes of the game, the scoring team must kickoff.

In amateur football, the team scored AGAINST has the choice of…

[ol]- Scrimmaging the ball at its own 35

  • Kicking off from its own 35
  • Requiring the scoring team to kick off from its own 45[/ol]

There is no change for last 3 min of the half.

Pro may have different rules though as there are many differences between CFL and amateur.

I believe this is correct. Otherwise the receiving team has the option except the last three minutes on a game.

The receiving team has the choice of receiving a kick or taking it on their own 35 except the final 3 mins. They must receive a kick.

This was done to keep teams that are trailing in the game longer giving them a chance at an onside kick.

Here’s the rule from the 2019 CFL Rulebook:

[b]RULE 5 - KICKING SECTION 2 – KICKOFF Article 1 – Points of Kickoff [/b] The ball shall be kicked off by a place kick from any point between the hash marks on Team A’s: (b) 35-yard line – after a score of three points by the kicking team, or the team scored against may elect to put the ball in play by kickoff from its own 35-yard line. [i][b]If score occurs after the 3 minute warning in 4th quarter the scoring team must kickoff. [/b][/i]

This rule was rewritten to afford a leading team less opportunity to defend their earned lead after 57 minutes of hard work. A potential bonus offensive possession is given to the trailing team whose boat would have otherwise sailed.

A better idea to reward “almost losers” in the 4th quarter, but treats teams with an unbiased opportunity to win would be to always give, throughout the 4th qtr. the trailing team 10 points for a touchdown and 5 points for a field goal.

Now that rule ammendment should serve to aid the crappiest team on the day to win from behind more often. Excitement galore for fans!

Haven’t won anything until 60 minutes are played. So just call a mercy rule and game over if a team is down by 10 with 2 minutes to go in your opinion??

You’re absolutely right. The rules should be consistent and not contrived to try and force a dramatic ending.

There was one season where the CFL made it mandatory to kickoff after a field goal for the entire game as was the case in the NFL. The CFL reverted to the option for scrimmage at the 35 for some time before creating this 3 minute warning nonsense.

Pick one convention and apply it for the whole 60 minutes.


They did this plus moved the spot on a Safety Touch kick back at the same time to encourage more kick returns as opposed to taking a knee. More returns was a high feedback item from fans…as it is an exciting play with big-play potential. Both of these changes encouraged that. (same year as wildcat was permitted IIRC)

3 minute warning is really obsolete at this point. It was introduced really early in the game simply because there wasn’t a clock to look at. It is where the “3 minute offense” term came from (2 minute in US)…it was really the only official signal they had that time was running out. That made it popular to attempt putting out the more potent O in that time.

the mandatory kickoff is of course not the only thing that changes inside of 3 minutes. Added are clock stoppages when going out of bounds / dead ball, Time count is a loss of a down (other than on 3rd), clock doesn’t start on converts, no more challenges (though that may have changed…seen challenges inside of 3 this season), might be some stuff I am missing.

Keep in mind that most, if not all rule changes are driven by the coaches and the clubs…not the league or officials.