Wheelchair accessibilty

Hi everyone

Me and two friends are coming over to BC on 18 July and REALLY want to see a game... one problem, one of my friends is a wheelchair user and the accessible area will only allow one companion (I'm not her companion I'm her friend)! and our other friend will have to sit somewhere else.

I was really dissapointed to hear this and to be honest the woman on the ticket line was very rude! How come wheelchair users are only allowed one friend? Any suggestions?

I would suggest contacting the club directly and explaining your situation. I would hope that you could talk with someone with the ability to rectify it as opposed to being told that thats just the way it is. One more body in that zone isn't going to affect anything. I would be ashamed if a classy organization like the Lions wouldn't fulfill this request. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Yah dont go by what some person on the phone says tyey probably dont know anything.

I agree, contact the team directly. Or speak to someone qualified to make it happen. Most phone operators are not very bright and rarely are they accurate. Let us know how you did. Good luck.