Wheat Germ vs. Pony Express Game Thread

Tip of the cap to Russ

I often peruse the Roughriders forum and they have taken great delight in our (& Austin's) misfortune.

Some are even delusional to think that Kevin Glenn will lead them into respectibility.

Nothing will satisfy me than a good old-fashioned whopping.

Regardless, if watching the game please share your thoughts.

Well end of the 1st quarter and Calgary are up 10-0. Looking good value for the money.

Calgary, Edmonton and BC are definitely the cream rising in this league.

7 minutes left in the 4th.

Not the butt kicking I had hoped for, but not really in doubt.

Oh! Possible pick by Glenn

No INT but Dickenson challenging illegal contact/pass interference.

Calgary TD.

Stick a fork in it.

Well...I honestly thought others here would post their thoughts.

Whether you watched the game, or just didn't care... It was important to see our next opponent.

Calgary as always is competitive. I truly envy their franchise.

I don't think we can beat them at their house, but a win there would be one for the ages.

Stay true Hamilton fans. Later.

On the non-interception by Calgary near the end, if SK still had a challenge left, they should have tried for DPI on the guy covering Duron Carter. Looked like he gave his right upper arm a good tug from behind before the ball arrived.