What's Your Week #2 Power Rankings?

thought I would make a week 2 thread to follow Area 51's week 1 thread

8 - Edmonton - Their D played very well again, but the O is non existent. 20 points in 2 games, but with only 32 surrendered. The D may be the best in the league, or right up there, but they need something from the O...this is the CFL.

7 - Winnipeg - While their O played much better this week, now their D has faltered. With no wins I still ranked them above the Esks, because I believe if you matched the 2 clubs up in week 2 the Bombers would have come out on top.

6 - Hamilton - The cats showed up...they took BC to the limit, and had a great ST showing. while they looked miles improved all around, they are still winless. Hamilton was tough to place, because they had a really strong game against a great club, but were on the losing end. a great example of why power rankings are especially difficult after only a couple games.

5 - Montreal - A much better outing in week 2. Their O moved the ball the way a Montreal O is known to, and the D showed up, though still did not play a superb game. Definitely a step in the right direction.

4 - Calgary - Tough loss for the Stamps. Glenn looked pretty good replacing Tate, but it is still a huge loss. The D was not near as dominant, but that might be attributed to the Argo's O surprising them.

3 - Saskatchewan - 2-0 keeps them up in the rankings. A top notch defensive outing against the Esks, but the Esks O is also really struggling. The Rider O was playing into a great D, but 6 points going deep into the 4th...that needs to improve. The inability to maintain a short game was concerning, but more puzzling was the decision to never even attempt stretching the D. Perhaps they were electing to mix things up to throw various teams off of what to expect, but it was odd. DD was also very mobile in week 1, and a pocket passer in week 2. Their secondary was burned deep a couple times, but Jyles was off target.

2 - Toronto - Toronto hit a spark, and I believe will only get better. The D played an off game, but still looked ok, but the O had them covered...a great sign if you are a Argo fan. Point of concern was ST. ST lost the battle, and Owens was getting really chippy at the end of plays...it is hard to refrain a player yet still have them on the edge...This is something the Argo staff needs to take care of, because Argo's ST play is a game changer! Toronto is heading in the right direction fast.

1 - BC - BC played a hungry Hamilton team. take away 20 seconds before half, and BC does not come out with a victory, but great teams find ways to win, and BC took advantage of the window they were given. Explosive on returns, BC has the ability for instant field position on every return, but also needs to shore up their return coverage. at 2-0 they remain the team to beat.

BC - still unbeaten 2-0
Saskatchewan - beat the eskies, who beat the argos
Toronto - beat Calgary, who soundly beat the als
Calgary - close loss to the boatmen, but still crushed the als
Montreal - bounced back against the bombers
Edmonton - managed only 1 point on offence is pathetic
Hamilton - hung in there with the champs. 20 seconds of mental lapses cost them the game
Winnipeg - not very good

  • BC vs Saskatchewan will fight for CFL supremacy this week.
    Calgary clashes with Montreal to prove week one wasn't a fluke. but without Tate, the outcome could be very different.
    Edmonton battles Winnipeg in what could be most boring match up of the year. And that's saying something coming off Sundays game.
    Toronto tries to get on a roll against the toothless tabbies.
  1. BC - looks like a team ready to repeat
  2. Saskatchewan - Offense looked good one game and bad in the other, but the defense was strong in both. Have to see.
  3. Calgary - Defense might be questionable, but they can sure pile up the points.
  4. Toronto - Still coming together as a team, so I think they'll get better. Very nice to see the offense go out and win a game for a change, it's been a long time for this franchise.
  5. Montreal - Have some issues, and beating up on Winnipeg doesn't impress me a whole lot.
  6. Hamilton - Took BC down to the wire and were right in there with Saskatchewan for a half. Should be able to beat the weaker teams once the schedule allows it.
  7. Winnipeg - Haven't looked very good in either game.
  8. Edmonton - Also haven't looked good in either game. Managed to win one against a Toronto team that hadn't come together yet, and would likely get destroyed if they played again. This weeks's game was an embarassment.

Tiger Cats

  1. BC - They are the defending champions and are playing well. BC suffered a bit of a scare this week, but came out on top as winners tend to do. The Lions have a big game coming up this week against the Riders. There really do not appear to be many holes on this team. I don't think much else needs to be said here.

  2. Saskatchewan - In week one, the offence was outstanding. In week 2, not so much, however the defence played well enough to give the Riders a win against a terrible Edmonton offence. Allowing only 17 points in 2 weeks is excellent. Corey Chamblin was really able to put his mark on this team very quickly as far as attitude goes. If this team is able to pull it all together this will be a very tough team to beat. The Riders have a huge game this week against the Lions here at home and this should be a good test to see where the team is at.

  3. Toronto - If you would have asked me prior to the season if I thought the Argos would be in the top half in power rankings at any point in the season I would have said no without any hesitation. TO was victorious in a tough game against Calgary and although it is early in the year you gotta think they finish 1st or 2nd in the East because Ricky Ray is only going to get better as he gets more comfortable.

  4. Calgary - Tough loss this week, and although I admittedly am not the biggest fan of the Stamps, I thought they would destroy the Argos. That did not happen, but it was a very close game. The offence can use a bit of improvement I think, though the offence is not anemic by any means. The Stampeder defence and special teams have provided many big plays in this young season and that means no lead is safe. That defence looks hungry to cause a big turnover. To me, as a football fan, that is exciting to watch. You could easily flip-flop Toronto and Calgary in this ranking, but TO gets the nod because of the win.

  5. Montreal - Wow does it seem weird to see Montreal in 5th position in these rankings... However I cannot place them any higher. This is a good team with a good coaching staff and Montreal will only improve. AC is getting older now which means Montreal's window may be closing. Nothing against his back-up but he is no Anthony Calvillo lol. As the season progresses I feel that Montreal should do what they always do and that is win regular season games and either end up 1st or 2nd in the East.

  6. Hamilton - This team took the champs to the wire. For some reason I do not have much to say here. They need to improve if they want 3rd in the East, otherwise Winnipeg will take it.

  7. Winnipeg - Again not much that needs to be said. Improvement in needed if Winnipeg wants to make the playoffs. I love Buck Pierce's heart though, for whatever that is worth...

8 ) Edmonton - All I can say is unless they get some pass protection and some decent QB play this team is going no where. I have said many times Jyles is not a starting CFL quarterback. He is a good back-up but not a starter. The defence is good allowing the 2nd least points in the leagure through 2 contests and I know some people will think or say, "J, defence wins games, blah, blah, blah". You need to score points in this league. Defence is very important, but if you do not score, you do not win. 20 points over 2 weeks does not cut it. At this juncture I would be suprised if this is a .500 team. Tillman is going to face a long week after trading Ray and not having a suitable replacement.

One random observation I have is that BC, who are 2-0 have allowed the most points in the West with 52 (SK 17, EDM 32, CAL 49). However, every team in the East has allowed more points than any West team (TOR 55, MON 68, WIN 74, HAM 82). I doubt it means much but it is kind of interesting.

1: BC
2: Saskatchewan
3: Toronto
4: Calgary
5: Montreal
6: Edmonton
7: Winnipeg
8: Hamilton

  1. BC - Can't knock the champs until they lose
  2. Sask - Only other undefeated team
  3. Toronto - Looked good, score flattered Stamps
  4. Calgary - Didn't play well, but hung around
  5. Montreal - Looked more like what we're used to seeing
  6. Edmonton - Defense is very good
  7. Hamilton - Made some progress
  8. Winnipeg - Someone has to be last.
  1. BC
  2. Toronto
  3. Calgary
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Hamilton
  6. Montreal
  7. Edmonton
  8. Winnipeg

Big ups to depopulationINC for picking up the slack and getting this thread started for Week 2.

My previous weeks rankings in parenthesis:

#1 - - BC (LW #1) - - Somebody has to knock off the defending champs before you can think about moving them out of the top spot in the rankings.

#2 - - SASK (LW #3) - - Durant had an off day, but the defence was dominant. When there's only two unbeaten teams, they have to be ranked first and second.

#3 - - CAL (LW #2) - - On the road with their starting QB out and very nearly pulled off a win.

#4 - - MON (LW #4) - - Old Yeller throws for nearly 450yds and says maybe it's not time to put him down just yet.

#5 - - TOR (LW #6) - - Special teams and the defence couldn't hold the lead, so Ricky Ray and the offence had to bail them out.

#6 - - EDM (LW #5) - - Can you imagine a CFL team only scoring ONE point? Oh wait - - look at their QBs. Rusty just needs to sign Chip Lemon to be the #3 QB and he'll have successfully re-enacted the Toronto Trifecta in Edmonton.

#7 - - HAM (LW #8) - - Lions seemed disinterested right from the start and really let up late. Game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicated.

#8 - - WPG (LW #7) - - Gary Crowton and Chip Garbage - - you reap what you sow Bomber fan.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opinion/2012/07/cfl-power-rankings-week-2.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opini ... eek-2.html[/url]

CBC's take on it...

Rather surprised they bumped the Als up that much. How do your rate them 2 full positions above the Stamps when the Stamps crushed them in week one...yeah, they may have had a bad game, but still.

When they wrote it, the Stamps had lost Drew Tate. If they played again this week and it's Calvillo vs Kevin Glenn? I like the Al's chances.

The real question is how they put Hamilton below Edmonton. One of these teams is actually capable of scoring points.

Lions: Kings of the castle, and will be for some time

Riders they are here for now, but will be coming back down to earth

Calgary: Going to be tough to keep this spot without Tate
Montreal: McPherson as your QB....ouch!
Argos: Still not sold on them, but they do have one win....

Winnipeg: Were competive on the road with BC and Montreal, things will turn around for them now
Hamilton: Got embarrased at home, don't see how they can be put above WPG
Edm: 1 win or not, they get the cellar for the offensive offensive display. Will only get worse.

esks have a win

They managed to pull through against a disorganized Toronto team in week 1 thanks to insane penalties and missed FGs, and then proceeded to play one of the worst games I've ever seen a professional team play.

They ONLY have a win because Prefontaine missed a couple. Not because they played well enough to win. Then they were beyond horrible. Their play isn't that of anything more then a basement dweller.

  1. BC - 2-0 and despite letting Hamilton back in the game the best team overall by a mile

  2. Calgary - they lost but got themselves back in the game with their back up and a couple of big plays on defense and special teams

  3. Montreal - looked solid this week but I put them behind Calgary because they looked so solidly awful against the Stamps last week

  4. Toronto - 2 weeks, 2 games, 2 inconsistent. They improved this week but not enough to be top 3

  5. Saskatchewan - I know they're 2-0 but if they had played a football team last Sunday they'd be 1-1. Defense was good but offensively a complete disaster

  6. Hamilton - the best of the rest. They've looked good just not good enough to win.

  7. Winnipeg - they haven't been completely out of either of their games against 2 good teams

  8. Edmonton - 2 games, 20 points, a little over 500 total yards offense and 1 touchdown. 8th is generous but there's nothing lower

  1. BC - 2-0 is 2-0. however, both have been at home but still havent lost in forever.
  2. Cal - you have tate all game and they win that easily.. glenn cost them the game, he's been doing that for years tho.
  3. SASK - again 2-0 is 2-0 but like someone said, if they played a football team last week, they would be 1-1
  4. Tor - They dont look as bad as i thought they would. could be 2-0 easily.
  5. Mtl - one ac injury away from being done i think but.. they are the best of the rest.
    6.wpg - sure 0-2, 2 road games to start the year, injuries at key positions, schedule gets easier now. o looks to be coming together, D played terribly.
  6. hamilton - again the hype in the off season, i cant put a team who got killled at home in week 1 above teams who havent had a home game yet. sure they hung in with bc, but.. did they really?
  7. Edm. 20 points in 2 games says it all really.

Just out of curiosity, do you think that Calgary as a team is good enough to be #2? It just seems odd to me to rank Calgary at #2 because Drew Tate can win them games, even though he's been injured and is out indefinitely, yet ranking Montreal #5 because losing Calvillo could lost Montreal the season, even though he HASN'T been injured. :stuck_out_tongue:

Calgary dominated Montreal in week 1 and last week might have faired better had they not lost Tate. We'll never know but they did make a game of it and came up with some big plays on special teams and defense. Take away the field goal return for touchdown, a turnover on downs at the 1 and an interception for touchdown and the Argos win by at least 19. They didn't play as well as week 1 but they played well enough to be in the game until the last play.

Calvillo is injured and is a question mark for this weekend. Both Calgary and Montreal could fall in the rankings but not too far, they have Edmonton and Hamilton to catch them before they hit the basement floor. :wink: