What's Your Week #1 Power Rankings?




...let me clarify, I think it's a waste of time to make them, argue over them, and get spittin mad bent out of shape by them...I further think it's an awesome use of time to watch people do all three :smiley: ....but meh, that's just me, what the heck do I know...

chick-a-boom chick-a-boom, dont you just love it, chick-a-boom.... :wink:

Never and I mean never rank the Riders #1 - that's a touch of death to them. Happy to have them rated 3rd so they know they still have to work for it - and can't slow down one bit..... for the ENTIRE season. Whenever the Riders are favored - they seem to find ways to tank.

It's as entertaining as watching people argue over the Players of the Week awards. :thup:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Power rankings give the fans something to talk about, meaning which team is strongest at any give time, which is weakest, which is on an upswing, and which is on a downswing. Take the NHL for example, if we would have went by the standings LA was the 8th place team in the west but power rankings wise they were much higher because of recent signings and they were on a upswing.

Do power rankings matter, no (except for betting) but neither does our opinion on most things in sports. However it's yet another talking point for fans of who has the better team at any given point.

speak for yourself. My opinion rules :wink:

I'm gonna base my rankings on just week 1, taking into account a few factors. Opponent,Home or Away and hype in the off season plus the win or lose factor. So with that being said,

1.BC - looked good at home, they were supposed to win, they did.
2.CAL - looked good at home, that D was impressive and the Offence just rolled over MTL.
3.SASK- beat hamilton in hamilton in a route.
4.Edm - Beat Tor at home. west was 4-0 so west teams have to be ranked 1-4. its logical
5.Wpg - lost to bc in bc, now, the O looked bad yes but with a 3rd string rb and 3 rookies on the line including both tackles, they hung in there in bc for 3 3.5 quarters against what most would call the best team in the league.
6.Tor- Edmonton probably isnt the best team in the league but toronto hung in there with them also.
7.MTL - gotta say i put them here due to offseason hype and coming out and getting run over by calgary.
8.Ham - D looked the worst, were hyped the most, lost at home to a sask team that was worst in the league last year. Sorry ticat fans, but if you are putting yourselves above any other team right now, its truly fooling yourself. YOU GOT BLOWN OUT AT HOME. AT HOME, the only team to lose at home in week 1 and badly.

Just want to add, i see a lot of bomber bashing on here, what else is new but.. did people really expect the bombers to come out and beat BC in BC? i mean, seriously? losing to the defending grey cup champs in their own backyard was expected, never mind all the injuries(both tackles and a starting impactful cdn receiver in cory watson and the starting or even 2 string rb) Those are factors that need to be considered. I know people hate on the bombers on here, its nothing new but logically, 33-16 to bc in bc isnt as bad as losing 43-16 to last years last placed team at home. I dont care what people say, winnipegs offence this or that, That was BC they lost too. Losing to sask at home in a blowout, regardless of stats cuz honestly they dont matter, is much much worse.

only to dumb media types.

if edmonton barely beat toronto at home, then it follows that any eastern team considered better than toronto, could easily be considered better than edmonton as well.

and yet, yourself rank them at 5th instead of 4th where they belong.

yes sir. Sure did. based on wins... since bombers lost IMO, they cant be ranked higher than a team who won.

so that means every week, the 4 teams that lose will be ranked the bottom 4 in your rankings, is that right?

Why yes, young grasshopper, did you not know that? :o