What's your take on Rick Foley's comments?

I am not sure you have heard the comments Rick Foley was quoted lately. Also, Paris Jackson. They are having a field day in Winnipeg newspapers that B.C. is bush etc etc. Read the Winnipeg Free press and Sun Sport's pages. I wish these guys would keep their mouths shut. It was going to be hard enough to go into Winnipeg and snag a victory. This sure doesn't make it any easier. We don't want to get a bad name around the league. Let me know what you think. Maybe I am overreacting. I hope so!

You mean this thing?


To me the whole episode (starting with the 'X' in BC Place) comes off as weird. Maybe we should be more concerned that members of the Lions still watch Pro Wrestling.

Yeah way back I thought the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff really were kicking butt... but I was 6

I don't have a problem if the team is talking smack , but if and a big if they can back it up. Consider the fact this is the team that basically tore up our defensive with the running game . And losing by 38 points at home I would be a little concern. If i were Wally i would like to see Foley zip it for now and concentrate on the game.

I don't really care much but Doug Brown is a fn baby for baaawwwwing to the paper about that. Its a good thing that he's an angel and never done anything bad or he'd look like quite the hipocryte.

we're going to mess them up today baby and every team should go into every game with that attitude - old Ricky is just having a litle fun with it.
Every team has its yappers on it and they should yap up a storm and try to put a little life in the game asa far as I'm concerned. anyone who takes it seriously is missing the point/fun.
Everyone knows that when the game starts the work begins.
Jojuan Armour was quoted in the Province saying to give Winnipeg credit for the whupping they gave us last time but not this time . . .
to me its a little more fun and color with characters in the game (anyone miss Rob Murphy pinning 350 # defensive lineman down by the neck like a chicken and explaining it later . . .)
So who isn't looking forward to this BIG game just a little bit more than if nobody says nothing.
I'm gonna be there glued to the screen to see what happens to Ricky !

Yeah i hear yeah Grims, Brown no angel either . I guess Brown is trying to fire up his team thru the newspaper. Now with Sask and Calgary tie last night. We actually have a chance of finishing first if we win out the rest of the way.