What's Your Price Point? Poll for single-seat buyers

Sure seems like ticket prices will jump at any new location (if there is one). Go to Aldershot and on-street parking options drop tremendously as well. What $ increase in your normal game day costs are you prepared to accept?

I've given a comparison to help. Note: THIS POLL IS FOR SINGLE SEAT BUYERS.

Sask Prices
Green----------------- $65
Blue ------------------ $60
Red-------------------- $53
Yellow/Purple (no alc) $28

Platinum ------------ $70
Gold ------------------ $52
Bronze --------------$33

Gold------------------ $72
Silver----------------- $55
Bronze--------------- $45
Red------------------- $25
Family---------------- $22
Endzone------------- $20

I doubt they'll get away with too much of an increase but one will come as every idea out there has them losing at least 5000 seats in the new facility. The Riders sell out every game at inflated prices these days due to the culture in Sask./good football that they've been playing over the last five years but Edmonton too have the advantage of a Western culture that is glued to the sport. I think a more comparable team to look at would be the Als and, when they finally arrive, the Renegades since the Eastern football culture is a tad different and we have a lot more noise around here (Blue Jays, Toronto FC, theme parks, etc. etc...).

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