What's your hotel plan for Grey Cup 2013?

As the "Grey Cup" regulars are aware. A certain tour operator who is also a CFL sponsor has reserved "every" hotel room in Regina. Therefore basically forcing the regular Grey Cup fans who travel to every Grey Cup plus even the remote Regina fans to pay a premium for a hotel room or will have to purchase a full service package for a nice profit. Basically the fan that books their own hotel rooms for Grey Cup is basically SOL. Heck, I've even heard Spirit of Edmonton is having a tough time booking a hotel for their party and to house their staff..

So I'm curious to know, what are your plans for Grey Cup 2013?

I've heard things from renting a camper, to renting a house, to not going at all, to people saying screw Regina and the cold and lets go to Vegas. As I'm sure there are a few Vegas hotels who would be more then happy to see hundreds of CFL fans ascend to their hotel for a weekend of fun and golf.


I got a room at the Quality In downtown, but had to pull a few strings. Renting a house sounds like a great option, hopefully you can rent it for the weekend. Or double up on hotel rooms with 2 double beds. Good Luck !

Ill be at my house :slight_smile:

I also heard someone talk about renting a cube van for the weekend and just sleeping in that. Then showering at a local YMCA or something else equivalent. That's crazy.....I think it's total BS that Dash Tours was allowed to scoop up every hotel/room in the city and create a Monopoly for themselves. Just because they are a CFL sponsor doesn't make it right. I don't know what I'm gonna do....

I agree that that is BS. Most people do their own booking. I have heard that the Regina Inn is doing a full Renovation, and that they are not accepting reservations until they are sure that they will be open on time for the Cup. So there is 250 rooms that may open up at a later date. Assuming DASH doesn't have those too.

Anybody have a problem finding a hotel this year? Of course not.

This is the problem with having the Grey Cup in little villages that can't handle it.

I too was shocked that all the rooms are booked up, especially when you can't even book most of them online yet. I have been going to grey cup for years but I refuse to pay a tour operator 4 times what it costs to go.
I guess just gonna have to stay home for Grey cup 2013 seeing as it's more important for the city and the league to support a sponsor than a long time fan.

Moose Jaw is about 45 minutes away. I would check for rooms there. If you ask real nice I may have a room available but I would have to pass it by the wife first.

Actually I might have to agree with Area 51. Just like the World Junior Hockey tournament finally outgrew the Minots and Brandons, if it's really true that Regina is already sold-out of rooms just three short days after Grey Cup Sunday then the city has to admit the Grey Cup event is more than it can handle.

You're probably too dim to see the irony. Those same "little villages" have kept your big city team alive many times.

And telethons and NFL money kept Saskatchewan alive. And money from Edmonton kept more than a couple of teams alive. And on and on and one and on. I disagree with Area_51 on everything and this is no different (and he most definitely is too dim to realize anything; just look at how he keeps thinking his nicknames for people are actually funny), but no reason to slag other teams. The Argos have their problems, but they did host on heckuva Grey Cup weekend; I'm sure Regina will be no different.

Reality is hotels for the Grey Cup 2013 in Regina were sold out just as soon as the Grey Cup was announced it was going there.. So this has been an issue for over 8-10 months now.. its just coming to a head now as people are looking to firm up their 2013 Grey Cup plans.. Something HAS to be done...

People billeted with the last 2 Grey Cups in Regina, so this is probably the way to go again. The best thig would probably be for the riders to set up some sort of registration system when people willing to billet rooms can be paired with people looking to get a room.

I did not "slag" other teams. My comment had absolutely nothing to do with the Riders.

The village of Regina does not have enough hotels. That's the cold hard reality, my friend. If you think I'm wrong, feel free to make a factual rebuttal on the topic of Regina Hotels instead of babbling about nicknames and other irrelevant points.

I am in complete agreement, that whole tour operator thing is completely stupid. If you look at the prices and packages it's a complete cash grab rip off as well. $200 to upgrade from "continental breakfast" to a "hot breakfast" in a motel is embarrassing.

As for the actual issue, there are a couple of new hotels that will be up in White City (basically the outskirts of the city) as well another being built in Regina and one under renovation. While not optimal you can also look into Moose Jaw, as they would likely have hotel spaces available, it's about a 45 minute drive though, and probably not ideal if you plan on attending the parties.

There will be more hotel space available, it's just not at the moment.

Depending on my situation around this time next year, I'd definitely host a few people as well.

In reality, driving from a small surrounding town to Regina would be the same as driving from one end of the city in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton to the other. Rent a hotel room in Moose Jaw (45 mins), Weyburn (1 hour), Estevan (1 hour 15 mins), Fort Quappelle (45 mins), Yorkton (1.5 hours). Heck, you could even book a hotel room in Saskatoon (2 hours) and still make the same time that it would take to drive from one end of Toronto to the other. I'm sure that if you really didnt want to drive you could hitch a tour bus down for the game and other festivities.

While true, it makes it very hard to attend the parties. I don't think you can cab it all the way to any of those places, and even if you could it would cost a fortune.

Nothing is stopping you from parking your vehicle somewhere, ie a mall parking lot, and cabbing it throughout the city or even hitching STC in the morning and spending the day at the festivities if you plan on drinking.

I'm sure the mall you park at wouldn't be too happy to see you taking a space and not shopping at the mall.

Also, you said in a previous post that it would take two hours to drive from one end of Toronto to the other; just what Toronto are you talking about? It takes less than an hour to get from Hamilton to downtown Toronto, so where do you get the idea that it takes two hours to drive from one end of Toronto to the other?

There is no time limit at most malls in Regina. To be honest, I dont really think that they care. If you really wanted to you could pay ten bucks and park downtown for the day. Either way you will have to park somewhere.

2 hours might be an exageration, however I do not think the other examples are far from the truth of driving through Toronto, especially when you pump in an extra 30-40 thousand visitors/tourists into the city.

Regardless, I find the comments that Regina is "too small" to host appalling and insulting. Saskatchewan fans deserve to have the Grey Cup in thier back yard from time to time just like every other team in the league. In fact, I find it a bit rediculous that it has only been played in Saskatchewan only a handful of times to this date, and shows just how biased this league is towards the east.