Whats your favourite Youtube channel ?

What is your favourite Youtube channel ?

Some I have enjoyed thru the last few months (year ) are :

The Joe Rogan Experience - Great conversations depending on guests

The History Guy - Great history stories that you never knew or heard of usually

Sailing La Vagabonde - Australian Couple sailing the world

Sailing Doodles - American retired pilot sailing the world with his dogs

Alex on Autos and Motor Mouth - Two Great reviewers of vehicles ( motor mouth is Canadian as well )

Top Tenz - List of unusual topics .

Turbulence Training - great workout ideas I should actually try

youtube has channels?


is there a youtube channel guide?

…what about the one where the guy crushes various things in a big industrial press?

You create your own .

As long as I can stream cartoons and complete old TV show episodes (eg Flipper, McHales Navy, Fraidy Cat Hour) from youtube, I am not loyal to any channels.

I’m a big fan of Growling Sidewinder, who very expertly flies fighter jets in an ultra-realistic combat flight simulator against other humans and then does a detailed breakdown of who won and why:

It’s high quality content but you’ll never see it on a TV channel; a perfect example of how great YouTube can be.

That was cool to watch .

The content is incredible today . Your own personal entertainment buffet .

The loss of a bit of privacy has allowed us to be indulged with incredible content that follows you on you tube .

The recommendations are uncanny as they must share info with google to let them know your shopping for this or that or was interested in something as they find there way onto youtube’s recommendations .

The popularity of Deestroying got him a try out with the Argos and a place on the practice roster .

The numbers they put up of viewers for subscribers and views is incredible .

This one visit to regina has 655 thousand views and the sideline pass 935 thousand.

…that was super cool, thanks for sharing that!

…in an alternate universe, my fighter jet call sign is “Porky?, because whenever I splash a MIG I get to say “b-Dee, b-Dee, b-Dee, that’s all folks?.. ;D

YouTube, channels? Ok, still thinking tely. :-*

I find youtube to be a little and I mean just a little healthier for your brain compared to regular TV .

So much out there to watch and enjoy once you change your viewing habits you will not go back .

For some reason the last few days Got into watching different species of animals who bond together and human bonds with different creature like an alligator and it’s mind blowing .

And it’s on the telly at least mine .

My wife who was a TV addict no longer watches TV the same way .

This vid below for example is just incredible .

I do not use youtube for very much. Mostly to watch live performance music of days gone by

I really like watching the '69 Woodstock acts.

Also watch Bad Lip Reading, the NFL ones are hilarious!

There’s tons of good stuff on the Tube -just need a big data plan ;D

Yep unlimited data with 120 speed and on the TV makes it addictive .

So entertaining , informative , educational and will make you laugh just a click away .

You just get lost in the recommendations and find yourself wanting to click again on. something else even if it’s a freaking cat sneezing .

It was Apple TV and seeing it as normal viewing on TV that put it over the top for us .

Not sure how well smart TV’s have Youtube without buffering but when there is no hiccups it makes a big difference .

Our old system with a DVD player with wifi and youtube was useless for watching .

Kinda odd one for me to suggest but this segment on Cher’s mom was incredibly interesting .

Get thru the intro or fast forward a bit to the mom .

The woman has a great story .

Thanks! And thanks for all the others you suggested :smiley:

Glad you liked them .

I have enjoyed bad lip reading as well .