What's your favourite CFL logo?

  • 1960's
  • 1970's helmet
  • 2000's slanted leaf
  • the new Grey one

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Even though I picked the helmet, I would want to see it updated if it was ever brought back.

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:sunglasses: I prefer the slanted leaf logo, and so far it appears that most fans do also.

Slanted Leaf for me, and it ain’t even close. The current one is by far my least favourite.

I liked the slanted leaf when they first adopted it, but its design was already about ten years dated at that point. It should’ve been the logo from around 1990-2010.

I like the current logo most, and the helmet second. I was so tired of the helmet by 2000, but now it evokes a nice sense of nostalgia.

I like the original, but I acknowledge that it would never fly today. Looks like it was done in colored pencil.

There’s a practicality element involved there - trying to embroider that logo would be near impossible, as would displaying it at a small size. It is super neat though.

I picked the helmet, but it was really close between that and the current grey one. I think with a couple tweaks the current one would be bigger, mostly increasing the size of the maple leaf.

I wonder what the CFL Grey logo now would look like with two red ends or black to complete the football image .

I like the newest one. It’s a very modern design that emphasizes football instead of nationalism, without totally ignoring its roots. It’s also clever with the football.

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Slanted leaf.

anything that highlights CFL is just fine with me

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I prefer the slanted leaf and I would like to see its return.

I prefer the helmet one.

maybe add the mini version of the helmet logo to the new shield replacing the laces at the top.

The vote ended 6 days ago and the 2000's slanted leaf is the winner with 48 percent liking it and the 70's football helmet number two with 30 percent .

You must be American as the term “pencil crayon” apparently does not exist south of the border as I have recently discovered.

I like the older logos better overall but agree would need more modernization today

The more recent logos just dont do it for me

looks like i am too late in voting but i would have picked the 1955-68 logo

Well that and the fact that my name indicates that I am from one of "The States"

I do make an effort to "type Canadian" when I am on here, but don't know all of the slang. For instance I just learned this week that Canadians refer to a cattle guard a "Texas gate" which is kind of funny.

Looks like I am too late to vote but I would have chosen the current logo, though can see why people don’t like it.