What's your favorite player?

hey how's it? who's your favorite player on the Lions?

Brent Johnson. That guys just money in the bank and he's canadian. oh and Clermont too.

Yeah, Claremont & Johnson are both amazing players. I would add Mark Washington.

Carl Kidd…Love the trash talk… every team needs a little theatrics… :mrgreen:

I'm kinda sad cause my favourite player, Simpson wants out of BC but I stlll think the Lions will be ok at linebacker with Floyd, Kidd, Glatt, Armour and Jamal Johnson. With Simpson leaving, I would take Floyd or Clermont as my favourite players on the Lions right now. Wilson looks good too. AAAAh, what the hell, the entire BC Lions are my favourite players

its Jason CLERMONT.... and yea hes my fav. hes a good friend of mine.

Clermont no doubt