Whats Your Age?? [POLL]

now im just curiouse to see what age groups are folling the ticats on these forums. or well folling the ticats at all. feel free to give ur age but you do not have to if you feel uncomfotable.

im 19 :slight_smile:

p.s i did make a 50 or older, but for some reason it dissapeared!

so if your 50 or older, just check off 41-50

I placed my vote...


p.s i did make a 50 or older, but for some reason it dissapeared!

so if your 50 or older, just check off 41-50

Glad to hear that it was a technical matter. For a moment I thought that I was dead. :frowning:

Yeah, me too; but even if I were dead, I'd watch the TiCats from another dimension and scare the bejeebers out of the opposing teams, with special reference to the blue team.

Dammit.. I just clear the bar to make the final choice...lol.. where was this poll TWO years ago....lol

If I tell you that, I'll have to kill you. :cowboy:


I have to laugh ol Blitz ....
You never include anyone over 50 .

Don't laugh I can probably play football as well as you can,(non contact though ;0))
There are people over 50 you know!!!?
Anyway thats my answer to the poll.

Started going to the games with my Grandpa at the age of 5 in Section 28.

Love the Cats!

Now I take my boys....ages 9 and 7.

Commissioner Cohon says he wants to see more young kids at the game....they are the next generation. We should all be doing our part in this. Kids are never to young to go. I find they like more in person than on TV.

My 7 year old just started running pass patterns in the backyard 2 weeks ago...he loves it. I got him a book from the library with pass patterns in it. He likes the post pattern. Get your kids our in the backyard, toss the football, that's where their connection to the game starts.

37 and aging like fine wine…


Ahhh…1963, what a beautiful year.


I'm 68 and I've been a Cat fan since 1960. Remember the unis in the late 80's? They were the best looking ones in my humble opinion. And that cartoon tiger on the helmet? Well,I can't swear here,but if I could.........Let's give them half a season before we give up on 'em. That's only fair.Right? The Chang kid reminds me of Chuck Ealy a little when he first came to the Cats. He sure made a noise in his first year!Wonder if Chang could do the same?

61 years old became a ti-cat fan after climing the fence at HAAA to watch practise .

21...Became fan after seeing my first game which happened to be the 98 Labor Day Game :wink:


Not quite :twisted:

...but I remember purchasing many coke drinks in a cone and previous game hot dogs.

Does that help you?

Do you have a “60 and over” category?
Old guys (and girls) rule!
Argos don’t, however! Wait till next week…

Couldn't you have made your categories something like

under 13
35 and over?? I would have liked that much better. :wink: