What's wrong with this photo?

Somebody made a boo-boo!
Anybody else see it?

Yep...the "C" is at the 60 yard line...lol

Aw! I expected lots more guesses! :lol:

I’m just that good.

That's hilarious... :lol:



Triple chocitinis for that one....

Hey what about me?
I saw it first! :lol:

You can have your chocitinis, but as there is very little room in the boat, you may have to run beside Chief for awhile...

Maybe we need a bigger boat...?


Hey...Chief has been running beside the boat for two months now AND Jm makes him mix the drinks....I don't see him sulking.....

Now that I think about it...Chief!! Oh Chief....?
Drat....lost another one....

Why was my post deleted here? Just wondering what's up with the censorship on here. Did I write something offensive?

Im sure you are mistaken....It would have been edited....not deleted.

Get a room!

...or not.

go back under your bridge with the rest of the trolls

Man, if I was a mod, I'd edit out all this flirting going on between Papa Arius and jm02!

Flirting? And Papa hasn't even posted in this thread...

chocotini chocotini chocotini - it's nasty! But I guess it's how you two roll!