What's wrong with the single?

This is very likely an old topic. If so, I apologize. I have a question though that's really bugging me. Why is everyone so down on the single point off a punt? You see disappointment registered in the faces of kickers and coaches alike whenever a punt goes sailing into the end zone for a single. Personally, I LOVE a good kicking game and think there's absolutely nothing wrong with watching a talented punter ding one in there for the single. I realize that every team is always looking for the tactical field position and all that ... but the reality is, very few times do teams actually march downfield from their own 25 and stick it into the other team's end zone, after the opposing punter has scored. It's just not that much of an issue (I think). Yet, anyone on this forum has seen many CFL games settled by a single point. I think punter showdowns are old-timey stuff that are not given enough credit in what is still, ostensibly, a "kicking" game.

Because the NFL doesn't do it so we're stupid. We're big dum Canadians cuz we do things different than Americans god forbid!

A great part of the Canadian Game when a Kicker(Setta :thup: ) boots one 80 yards for a single , i dont get the worry about field position when things happen so Fast in Canadian game, Great thread.

One way to look at it is that it's 1 point for 25 (or is it 35? I can never remember) yards. And if you want to assign a point value to yardage, well if you march 110 yards you get 7 points (so ~15 yards per point). Therefore gaining 25 yards for one point is a good deal.

I know my yards/point analogy isn't exactly solid, but it is one way to look at it.

If you pin a team deep in their own end though they might have to concede a saftey either by sacks or by the kicker taking a knee which results in 2 points rather than 1. Also in a tight game the field position matters. As difficult as it is to march 85 yards down the field and score its even harder to march 100+ yards down the field and score

I find it interesting that there seems to be a reluctance from teams to concede the single on punts and missed field goals and usually run it out if they have a chance instead of getting the instant field position by conceding which is kind of sits in stark contrast to the way too frequent desire to give up two points inorder to gain yards for a kick-off...

It would interesting to find a stat where it was determined that a single point here and there resulting from a rouge won the game for a team. I doubt that such a stat exists though.

Exactly and even if the team punts or even gets a couple first downs then punts your offense is already close to field goal range.

But you could also turn that around to say, how many times has the team marched it down the field and kicked a fieldgoal to go on and win after the punter has scored, which in a close game would be much more of a worry for coaches/players etc. That and specially late in the game or half I think for the most part teams would love to be able to pin a team deep with a punt, and make them have to gain that many yards more before a worry of scoring came into the mix then getting one point. If the punter or others on the team look miffed due to getting the single, chances are it was due to they were told "Pin them deep what ever you do DON'T kick it thru the endzone!"

Now, this all goes out the window if the single makes it so my opponent now needs to score a touchdown to win and not just a fieldgoal or it makes it a two score game or something like that.

I'm from the States and I think it's cool that Canada uses different rules. That's what makes the CFL so fun to watch. After all, there is something to be said for variety, right? er... eh?

The rouge is the most exciting part of the CFL game!!!

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A couple of years ago in this forum I did a little informal research on Grey Cup games and the winning single. I can't remember exactly, but I don't believe I found even one instance where the winning point was from a single. That's in something like 95 GC games.

The game is all about field position. Say you're kicking from the 55-yard line. A perfectly placed punt that rolls out at the one-yard line gains you 54 yards of field position. One that gets into the end zone gives you one point, but moves them out to the 35, which nets you 20 yards on the punt. A couple of first downs and they could be kicking a field goal, or pinning you deep with a punt of their own.

There are some exceptions, of course. Like when the score is tied late with just a few seconds left in the game. Or the last play of the half when it's basically a free point. Or in last night's game when the Als kicked a single to extend their lead to 9 points, clinching their win over the Riders. Or if you're on your own 33, and Nick Setta booms a 97-yarder through the end zone, so you're still netting 42 yards on the kick.

But in most cases, the field position is more valuable.

I’ve heard it said (not here) that the reason many people hate the single is because the kicking team is being rewarded for failing, that is, missing the FG, or just punting deep. These people are looking at it backward. The kicking team is being rewarded for preventing the receiving team from returning the ball outside the end zone, or if you prefer, the receiving team is being “penalized” for not being able to return the ball over the line.

That being said, I’d like to see a rule similar to what I remember from CIS games 6 or 7 years ago; to the effect that the receiving team will, if it returns the ball to at least the one yard line, will then scrimmage from the 20. Not perfect of course, but at the games I saw you rarely saw a single point conceded, they virtually always tried to return.

I have been saying that for years

No thanks.
That will take all stratigy our of the game(well the play anyway)
Right now they have to decide, based on the game, run it out, give it up....Like you said it will eliminate the single.

Futhermore, look at last nights SSK Mtl game..... A misplayed return went into the endzone. Had the returner gotten out to the one, he should now be awarded the 20? There is no reason to award yards that were not earned

The single is perfect as it is.......Decision time! 1 point, or 35 yards? Which is more important? Which is more valuable?

ro1313 - No, it would not eliminate the single, but would hopefuly discourage the conceding of same, which is what I dislike. ln the CIS games I saw, the returners only made it out maybe half the time, but it was more exciting because of the possibility he could break a big one. Your point about last night's game is well-taken, and off the top of my head I have no solution, but I'd still like to see it or something similar. No rule is perfect for all situation I guess.

I agree with Ro. For the pros it's perfect as it is. In CIS and lower levels I like the idea of rewarding the 20 yard line if returned out of the endone, but not for the pro level.

I think giving a team the ball at the 20 just by getting it out of the end zone is ridiculous. :thdn:

The game was invented in Canada SO the States uses different rules :twisted: :wink: