What's Wrong With The Roughriders???????

They looked awful today...didn't even score a TD?!

Have lost 4 out of their last 5 games?!

Hmmmm, time to regroup.

lol, where do you start with that question. Simple answer they arent very good these days.

Where do I begin?

  1. They are just plain bad.

  2. Their coaching is terrible. I think Miller is from the Stoneage. I'm surprised he's knows the forward pass exists.

  3. Can't Get Right. Need I say more?

  4. Eric Tillman's poor drafting and trades over the past year.

  5. Their defense is as soft as John Chick's belly.

  6. The are one dimensional on offense insisting on throwing everything to Dressler.

Hey turkey...I know it's Thanksgiving and all, but come and play with us.

C'mon...I've got some lovely crow for you to eat.

;) :thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin:

You know, I wasn't going to bother with this topic at first, but that last post by Deb was pretty petty...

...shocking, ain't it?

Actually whats wrong started lst year when Tillman cheated and went way over the salary cap and then the league slapped his wrists and he had to unload a bunch of players. isn’t that when Austin was screen burning rubber to get out of dodge?

smells like a turkey fan club in this place sometimes lol

I seem to recall that they are the defending Grey cup Champs, have had more injuries this year then most teams , lost their starting QB , Coach . and Beat the Lions in the western final last year.
They are still tied for 2nd in the conference with the Lions, with the same record, so I guess all your points about the Riders must hold the same for the Lions.

So let me get this straight.

Turkey has special privilege/rights when it comes to gloating/ribbing? Uh, that ol' double standard again...but it just doesn't bother me anymore. jm - great game today. Shocking, ain't it? :wink:

I didn't play.

I never said Turkey got special treatment, he just doesn't make a habit of calling members out, something you've done twice in this topic.

Yes the Sliders are at it again. 5 points is shameful. especially for a world class team losing 42 - 5 has got to sting. I know if I lost 42 - 5 I would devastated. But really, how could they lose by such a large margin, 42 -5 that is.

How would one describe losing 42 -5? would that be classed as a slaughter, whoopin, beat'n , maybe Turkey can access this 42 -5 loss. I mean is losing 42 -5 any worse than losing 42 - 0. is there a difference?

Yes all is not right in Rider ville. I thought the tabbies laid down a real turkey today against the Al's. But the Riders topped that with a 42 pound gobbler of their own.

Oh well lets not belabor this 42-5 loss. Please this is not a flame bate post. I really am having trouble understanding how this Rider team could lose 42-5.


Riders Rule
Lions Drool

That's calling a team out and, as a fan of that team, I include myself in that.

And didn't I just get called out by you a couple of posts up? Hmmmm....practice what you preach much?

Its stunning to me that SM has not been banned with some of the stuff he tries to entice on this site.

What is wrong? Here is the honest to god answer.

  1. Inconsistency at QB, not just Bish this goes back all year, and if you didn't see it coming then you were blind, any team going into the season with Crandel as the starter is in trouble.

  2. Injuries, I hate having this as a point why things are going wrong but if you were to look at the roster at the start of the season every-single one of last years play makers on offense is currently injured, and was out of the line up this week.

  3. Coaching, there have been some seriously bad decisions made in regards to keeping personnel in as well as in game decisions over the last 2 months.

  4. The kick return game is dismal

  5. Today the D gave up, specifically the Nik Lewis TD, and I am worried about them getting tired of trying to save the team every week

Holy crap...for serious? You consider "Riders rule, [insert team name] drool" to be calling you out?? :expressionless:

Why don't you tell us. Your team lost 48-15 last season to Toronto. How could you guys possibly lose by so much? Were you guys devastated afterward? Did it sting?

You see, how the world works is this:

When you dish it out, you'd better be ready to take it.

And there was an identical post done when my team blew a game. So now the table's have turned and it's time for someone else to have some fun.

Nothin' wrong with that. It's only fair, no?


Are you on the playing roster? How 'bout the practice roster? No? Are you part of management? Are you the CEO? No? What about the coaching staff, are you a part of that? Are you the head coach? Whoops, no, that would be Wally. I guess you're not a part of the Lions.

Edit: Also, explain to me where your name (debralynn8197) appears in "Riders Rule, Lions drool."