Whats wrong with the People at Empire

First off I'm a huge supporter of the CFL and attend most games in Vancouver and yes The Esks are my favorite team I'm not here to troll but just wondering if others out there feel the same way?
Whats wrong with People who attend Games at Empire Field , These people are not fans of the Lions or Football but are only there to drink and use it as a Venue to get attention to themselves . Was at the Esks/Lions game last night and was amazed at the amount of Alcohol consumed by People , to the point that in any Bar they would have been refused service but the Venders still continued to serve them and many times more then the limit of two Beers. I have no problem with drinking at the Games but when people cant even walk up the stairs to there seats slop beer on others and are constantly getting up to go get more beer go to the bathroom and will stand and have a conversation with someone during the game play It really takes the fun out of going . I don't want to sit where no Alcohol is consumed as I like having a couple myself . I hope at the new Stadium things are policed alot better as I think the PNE staff really don't do a very good Job.

If enough complaints are made and management believes there is a connection between booze being served at games and a decline in attendance because of this, then I believe, only then will a change be made.

The profit on alcohol beverages is huge. Compare what you pay for a 12 pack at the liquor to couple of beer served at the stadium. Since the mark up is huge it is the all important bottom line in sales that is important to the vendor, not policing who has had what.

While you personally don't have a problem with alcohol being served because you enjoy a couple of brew, it is the minority of idiots that ruin it for everyone else and make it a problem. Unfortunately, you are supporting a practice while hoping others will conduct themselves the way you try to. It ain't gonna work.

Some already go to the game drunk. Some succeed in smuggling in their own bottle. Serving alcohol just adds to the problem. Buying it just encourages the sale of alcohol. Sorry, but that's how I feel.

I've never been to an Edmonton game in Edmonton so I cannot comment on the conduct of the fans but I hope you're not suggesting that the stadium there does not have its share of ejected drunken rowdies. Regina certainly does with certain ignoramuses throwing full cans of beer at the opposition's team bench to the point that the coaches had to remove the players for safety reasons. I'm sure the problem is across the country and will remain so as long as booze is served as a profit making enterprise.

Most fans and spectators go to enjoy a football game and enjoy the excitement of wearing strange and funny paraphernalia while cheering on their team. Some see a football game as an opportunity to make a**es out of themselves. Others, don't intentionally try to act like jerks but after a "few" they become carelesss, loud and obnoxious.

Get rid of the booze and most of these problems will disappear. While it may be difficult to believe, there was a tme when it was not like this. I wonder why?

I too have noticed it; for many the game is more of a social event than anything else. Empire is like a hug bar, with no regulation or monitoring of alchohol consumption; it's wide open. I don't know where you sit, but I have noticed far more consumption in the end zone seats than mid-field; the aisles seem constantly filled with comers & goers - 2 hands holding large beers. I think it helps numb their muscles for when they pile on top of each other to get the ball every time a convert or field goal is kicked - bizarre scene. I do hope BC Place addresses it; they will lose a lot of family attendance if they don't.
I have no desire to subject my kids to people who lose self-control and throw out F-bombs as if it's perfectly okay; too much of that. We've lost the societal code - recognizing that there's a time and a place for everything, and knowing when it is and is not appropriate for certain activities. What it DOES expose is the 'type' of crowd the game is attracting, but how can you blame them? Liquor and Beer sponsors pretty much keep this game afloat right now; look at the TSN commercials. We need different corporate sponsorship to change the image and marketing of the game.
Do you remember the years when the PNE had degraded itself to resemble a downtown corridor (the 70's)? Teenage kids were coming in droves to watch strippers in the tent shows. It was bad. People just stopped coming as families. The Board was told they needed to clean up their act. It took time, but they did, and it has rebounded leaps and bounds with families returning in record numbers. Until the Lions organization recognizes the same, I think the numbers will continue to dwindle, and we will continue to see the Yahoos rule the stadium.

The non-fan, drinking event seems to be the majority activity in at least some sections of the stands at both Lions and Canucks games and the reason I've lost interest in going to live game venues. People constantly getting up in and around me to get beer or empty beer from their bladder and otherwise be an annoying distraction just got too much.

Pastasteve, you nailed it. Thank you for making some very valid points. You too robsawatsky. The question is, does management really care whether or not other fans are being "inconvenienced" by these yahoos. The Canucks sell out all of their games. They're not suffering. With the Lions there may be hope. If head office gets enough written complaints like these then they may sit up and take notice. It isn't that the organizers are not trying to maintain some sense of order. Sales are restricted to two per customer [or something like that]. Beer is not sold after the 3rd quarter. There's a number you can text or call if a fan around you is being obnoxious. But regardless, the trend is going from bad to worse. When loyal fans pay $1200 for a pair of seasons tickets year after year I would hope management will take notice. Let's hope they do.

Excessive drinking seems to be part of the culture of football. I notice people around me drinking WAY more at Argo games or Bills games compared to when I'm at a Leafs game in the ACC. The culture is so different.

I prefer firing down 2 or 3 beers at half-time or intermissions than missing the action during the quarters/periods. If you're missing the action, you're essentially wasting money you've paid for via your ticket.

I wonder if they would ever consider only selling beer BEFORE the game and at half-time No beer sales during the game.

You don't NEED beer to make for a great football atmosphere. Look at NCAA football. The crowds are NUTS. People are fired up and really into the game. However, no beer sales at college games.

It's all about $$$. I think the league, the stadium and whoever else is willing to turn a blind eye to public intoxication if it means $$$ generated from beer sales.

BINGO! Couldn't agree with you more!

It's nice to see people agreeing with me at first I thought I might be the only one,As much as it has soured me I think I will still go to games and will be purchasing season tickets next year only next time I will sit in a non Alcohol section and before the game go have a beer at the concourse level .

This town seems full of people stupid enough to piss away a lot of money on 4th rate beer.

Birdman - I really like your ideas about no sales during game play; however I still wonder if there's a way - a system to limit overall individual consumption within the confines of the Stadium grounds(?). It's true: It's all about $$, but $$ is the root of all evil. There is a Code of consensus among organizers, parents, and attendees of community football in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, that alchohol will not be brought to, sold, or consumed at games. There is an unwritten understanding that such a practice sets a bad example to our children. At a Kelowna tournament this past summer a few parents of a certain Fraser Valley team ignored this, and within a couple of weeks were called out on the carpet for their actions. They humbly apologized, and all is forgiven. How is it that at the Pro level, setting any kind of example for our kids is completely ignored and in is in essence, mocked? I don't think it's healthy to become 'legalistic' about it; however I do think a 'moderation' principle needs to be regulated with a system. Birdman, that's why I like your ideas.