What's wrong with the Lions????????????????

What an awful performance by the Lions at home.
Their qb situaation is shaaaky at best.
Geroy Simon - 1 catch for 6 yards- wow.
Maybe the Lions should just start looking to next season and deal for a qb!!??

Riders Rule
Lions Drool!

Secondary is whats wrong with the Lions. They played HORRIBLE, last night in all aspects of the game, but throught the year there secondary has looked horrible. Mabye they are better off finishing 4th and playing the bombers a team that couldn't pick them appart in the air.

I have to agree with that. The pass rush was putting pressure on Ray but he would just get it off before getting hit and of course it was caught 20+ yards down the field, over and over again. Banks makes big plays but he's the weakest cover guy right now. They talked about no big plays but the Eskimos are the Kings of the crossing routes and BC was always a step behind. Ray's accuracy is damn annoying!!

This seems to be a pattern with the Lions.. they go on a winning streak and they get arrogant and smug(along with some of their fans), then they don't show up and play hard for a full 60 minutes and end up getting beat. It seems that "they hit their stride" a little too early and are cooling off a bit-- but good luck to them in Commonwealth next week.. they will need it.

maybe we can have one of your outstanding QBs...oh wait, scratch that

Geroy Simon, best receiver in the league today and over the past 5-6 years. Not too worried about him. Cant make a catch when the throw isnt catch able alright. Biggest failures last night were QBs and secondary in my opinion...and too many fumbles.

Most over rated team in CFL. Look at there 5 game winning streak. Win against Ham, 2 against Sk when they were going through a Qb change, then another win against Ham,then TO. Not that impressive.

Because everyone knows that a team that hosted the western final a number of years in a row (and has a chance to this year possibly) is over rated. Teams that are consistently putting out winning football are soooo over rated. That man has a hate on.

...poor ol Charlie looks lost ....he doesn't look like his heart is in it anymore.....what did he have ...one rush for a few yds....i feel sorry for my favourite ex-back of the Bombers....I sure hope he can adjust to Wally ball eventually.. :roll:

To me it seems like unless its a game they get amped up for, like they do against Rivals ie: Sask they tend to look rather mediocre. Their best games of the year have arguably been against the Riders.

Wut i think you are confusing the wanna b receiver in orange with the GREATEST receiver of all time---#85!!

Wanna B receiver? How about these numbers to back up what I said.

Last 5 years plus this year Simon 9083 yards, Milt 6280. You cant even spin numbers that far apart lol. Yes Simon has been the best receiver over the last 5-6 years HANDS DOWN. He has been WAY better than milt in that time.

And for the record I said last 5-6 years mr reading comprehension skillz. All time, well so far Milt has the numbers but Simon isnt done yet.

Hey Milt for Life, the past called, it says move on already LOL. Calling Simon a wanna b, use your thinker plz

This seems to be a pattern. Turkey starts a thread about either how good the Riders are or how bad the Lions are and the Riders fans jump on and reassure themselves.

Enough already with these totally one-sided threads!

...unlike the "BC Ranked #1 (their rightful place!)" thread, which was totally multi-sided....

Milt Stegall is the greatest reciever of ALL TIME. but i think what the poster meant was that Geroy is maybe the best reciever in the league RIGHT NOW....he does lead the league in recieving yards....meanwhile Milt Stegall is 30th in the league in receiving yards.

You just made my point edited - no name calling, eh?. Where did that thread end up?

I started that post and they moved it to the BC sight. Turkey starts numerous Riders "are the greatest thing since sliced bread" or "why he hates the Lions" threads and they stay on.

The bias on here is ridiculous and you just helped me prove the point. duh.

Yeah I dunno, we got punked. Looked awful, and the close score doesn't really reflect what happened. We should have been blown out.

Buck had a really off game, and when he can't move the offense, the D gets tired and you can't expect them to make miracles happen all the time. Certainly not against Ray, who will kill you if you give him the chance, which we did. I don't think the secondary was all that bad, more like they did a passable job, but when Ray is hot, not much you can do about it.

Sheesh, the guy makes a light hearted topic about the Lions and suddenly he hates them? You have a lot to learn about Turkey.

...seriously angry man I helped you prove nothing with my post....I simply pointed out you started a totally one-sided thread, and then complain about a one-sided thread....as for where your post ended up that's not up to me to explain, but it's deletion from the BC forum was by the BC Moderator....maybe you should direct your frustration to that person....

....anyway, sorry for the interlude, back on topic...I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with the Lions, they jsut had an off night.....

Just keep talkin'....season's not over yet.

I like it when you take my team lightly...then they blindside you and you're left with your jaws hanging open. Yeah, Lions had a bad game - it happens.

Oh wait...let's see how that wannabe ranks here:

SIMON, G BC 65 1,160 17 79 7
RAMBO, K CGY 82 1,138 13 45 6
PETERSON, K EDM 80 1,037 13 66 4
CAMPBELL, K EDM 43 1,017 23 53 5
RICHARDSON, J MTL 72 1,013 14 81 10
WATKINS, K MTL 68 1,004 14 36 9
BRUCE, A TOR 78 982 12 36 5
BRYANT, R WPG 51 956 18 85 5
CAHOON, B MTL 80 932 11 29 6
JACKSON, P BC 60 931 15 56 5
ARMSTRONG, D WPG 71 922 13 63 5
EDWARDS, T WPG 66 892 13 64 6
RODRIGUEZ, P HAM 50 829 16 86 6

Hey, there aren't any Roughriders here? Can't they catch?

And, for you people who can't count past one hand - we have 9 wins/18 points...same as the rest of you. So I guess that means you all s U ck too?

I say we need to change this thread to "What's Wrong With Your Reading Glasses?"

Oh yeah and, ftr, before this loss we won 5 in a row, two of which were back to back wins against Saskatchewan. But old people lose their memory so I don't expect you to remember that far back.