What's wrong with the kickers this year?

After watching Omahony, Westwood, McCallum, Fleming and Kellet struggling with field goals this year, I've wondered to myself, why are all of them suddenly losing their ability to kick field goals? Has fieldgoal kicking ever been as bad throughout the league as this year in previous years? I can see in the near future that if this trend continues many teams will be looking for proven import kickers because it is a very important position. I could see teams displacing one of their import WR for a kicker. Anyone else agree?

I decided to add a poll.

Could it be the special teams are stunting a bit before the kicks throwing their concentration off. By moving guys each time a kicker set to kick a field goal it just might be throwing them off. With Duncan ut could be with what he is drinking before the game!

I can definitely see that happening, especially as it seems that there's more Canadian talent available for the receiver spots. I would think that they'd probably look at having a guy who can punt and placekick, to minimize the impact to the ratio, but if those Canadian kids in colleges both down south and up here don't do some practicing to keep up, they might lose out on what used to be guaranteed jobs.

Yesterday I was watching the 49ers and Cardinals play, and man!, the Cards' kicker had no problem kicking 45 yard field goals, when kickers in CFL like McCallum have troubles kicking even 30-35 yards. What's up with that? Is it so cold up here that the football turns to solid rock?

That Card's kicker was crazy, he has like 16 straight field goals or something and that game vs. SF he got two field goals during the kickoff... thats rite 80 yard field goals! I guess its sorta different though b/c they have more time and the balls on a tee but that still is amazing. The esks sure could use that guy.....

The Eskies could use that guy??
How about the riders!??? (not that I hate McCallum)

I heard that the stadium they were at was something like 7,000 feet above sea level....... don't know if it's true, didn't check either, but if so, that would completely explain why they were kicking it so far. They talk about mile high stadium in Denver being an advantage, but that's only 5280 feet if I remember my imperial numbers. That'd be quite the change from kicking in Vancouver.

I've seen some pretty good junior kickers play against Okanagan in the Junior league. They hit 45 yarders every now and then. But they seem to disappear. I've always wondered how a kid that looked good in Junior can never make the pros. McCallam played for Surrey, O'Mahoney played for Abbotsford, and Boreham played (I think) for Abbotsford as well. There have been others, but haven't made the pros.

Is it poor scouting by the CFL teams? Are kickers regarded as dime a dozen?

Good point 42 monkey42... i never thought about that but i remeber they did mention it was WAY higher in elevation than denver. And to Sportsmen... I think that alot of people, maybe even coaches, don't realize how important kickers and punters are to a football team. They can be the difference between a win or a loss in terms of field goals, and having long and accurate punters is very important in field position struggles. I sure hope that next year we get a new group of younger kickers on the CFL teams that are struggling with ageing and slumping veterans we have now.

The Als always had a pretty good Canadian kicker and they switched this year to an American for field goals and punting, Duval, and he is probably the best in the league right now. But where are the good Canadian kickers that the league has always had?

To further on Sportsmen's and esks123's points about junior players, I read a quote from some big NFL coach, probably Parcells or somebody like him (maybe Madden) , regardless, but they said that a field goal kicker would/could on average win you 3 games per year. I know it's a different league, different rules and situations, but we have a lot of games that come down to the last second kick from 40-ish yards out as well. Good kicker on your team, you win more often. Bad kicker, win not so often.

I wonder how a guy would go about learning how to kick field goals when he's 30............. :wink: Wait, I'd be the bad kicker, so that might not help anybody out.... da well.

I think another fantastic kicker has got to be the former Regina Ram and current Blue Bomber, John Ryan. I really didn't notice his ability until he actually played for a team I didn't like.

Even if its not game winning field goals just not missing throughout the game can be the difference between victory and a loss. For example, the recent B.C. game had Omahony miss 3 field goals, all easily makeable. If he had made these, the game would have been B.C.'s. I think that it is essential for all CFL teams to have a kicker than can kick consistently from 40 yards and in. By consistenly I mean at least 80% of the time, if not better.

Forgot about him....Good name!

I bet Billysoup has seen some good CIS kickers, same with Alsmolson,

Where do these kickers go? How are they missed? (Do they crack under presure?...Is that why they don't get looked at?)

Ryan probably didn't have to display his abilities quite as much before he played for the bombers. As a U of S Huskie alumni, I can't say many things good about the Rams, but they were definitely better than the Bombers have been the past couple years. :slight_smile:

After the trade the esks got today, it appers the only area where we're lacking talent is kicking. Hopefully we'll have someone new and more accurate next year for field goals instead of fleming.

This is the CANADIAN football league, although there have been more imports as kickers and they maybe more in the future, the CFL will always have Canadian kickers and punters.

Just wondering if anyone knows how far that field goal that O'Mahoney missed today vs. Win. was.

30 or 20 yards.

I was sort of wondering the EXACT yardage...