What's wrong with the CFL punters?

I just watched 2 CFL games in the USA today, and as a punter myself, and after watching the punters in these games, I'll never watch a CFL game again.

Do any of the coaches realize how many games they lose because the punters aren't living up to any standards and obviously have no talent at all.

The Argonauts punter could have lost the game because of the 2 blocked punts. How many rookie punters would still be playing in the NFL if they had 2 blocked punts in the first game, with get-off (hand to foot) times so slow, its hard to imagine that every punt wasn't blocked.

In the next game the the Calgary punter punted between 2.5 seconds and 3.3 seconds. How long would a rookie punter be playing if his hang times were that low? Those hang times and distances are worse than my local high school punter!

The Bombers punter punted 7 times between 2.8 seconds and 3.6 seconds. (3.6/3.6/2.8/4.1/3.5/2.8/3.5/2.7 hang times) Most all football camps I've seen the collegiate punters want to punt in the 5 second range. Plus, the longest of 10-15 punts was 40 yards. Further, one 3 punts on 3rd and 1 and 2, the defensive ends could have been sealed, with no defensive player to contain, and thus an easy fake-punt for 50+ yards. Where do these punters come from? Who thinks their performances are good? Why should anyone ever watch a CFL game to watch the punters?

I've never seen an NFL game or a football camp in 25 years with punters hang times and distances so low. As a punter myself, attempting to go pro, I just can't believe it for the life of me!!!

If you're so good, why don't you come up and try out.

That's nice can you kick a 52 yard field goal in minus weater to go with your hang time ? Because that is what you have to do in addition to your punting. Kickers in our league have to do both well.

Who watches a football game for the punters? More people come to watch the tee they balance the football for kickoffs than the punters. the only people that seem to care about this kind of stuff are other punters. I have never seen anyone on these forums complaining that the punting cost them the game unless there was a blocked punt which generally gets lumped onto the special teams schemes rather than the punter not getting the ball off on time. That said I understand that punting is an important part of the game its just not one of the selling

The punters in the CFL also need to be just as good at field goals and kickoffs. Kicker/Punter is one position on most teams here and chances are you can't find hundred of those in american high schools.

Hey MichaelJackson, first of all, nice timing on the name choice. Second of all, why don't you send some video of your abilities to each CFL squad. They are always happy to recieve scouting information from players who can claim to top every other player in the league at that position. I appreciate that as a punter, you are very aware of the short comings that each punter currently has. But you need to show up at camp, earn a spot on the team and then you can show us exactly how poor our punters are here. Other than that, those high school gods that are legends in their own mind, can talk about how terrible the CFL game is, while they are bagging groceries together at Target.

Well said, twoandout.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO!!! Too funny and well said twoandout!!!

LOL so funny, awesome post.