What's Wrong With The Cats?

Well the Cats are wrong with the Cats. Nobody wants to step up and take responsibility. Marshall is being consistently outcoached in the CFL. Negative or not, it's the way I see it. He's in way over his head.

The coaches are the guiltiest bunch in my opinion. They just lay it at the feet of the players. Coach Marshall said today that it's the players fault. I respectfully disagree. The buck must stop somewhere and it must stop with first line of defence - the coaching staff. How we can be last in the league in so many offensive categories, suggests alittle more is wrong than Marshall's assessment. You can look at the special teams and their abysmal performance. How can it not be the result of poor coaching? There are so many missed tackles on the not so special teams, and contain men still getting beat to the outside for huge gains against them. It's highschool stuff really and the Ticats look like a sloppy highschool team.

On the offence we have an offensive coordinator that has no business in football. Baressi's lack of imagination has made us the most predictable team. Marshall disputes this, and challenges any fans who think so, to foretell the play to him.

The half time adjustments alone, Marshall says we have to start making adjustments. Its game 7 for crying out loud. If you knew how to do it, it would have been done by now. The coaches quite simply cannot do it and I defy them to prove otherwise against BC. They wont make adjustments at half time. I just don't believe they are capable of it.

Oh well, I guess we'll have to snore through Bob Young's "five-year plan". Well Bobby, five'll getcha ten and ten'll gettcha twenty. If we don't overhaul this huge ugly mistake on Balsam Ave immediately, we're going to be losers for longer than you have imagined in your wildest dreams.

First off the Cats have been in most of the games losing late in the game with exception to the bomber game. 5 yr plan hopefully it is nothing like Shivers plan 5 means 20 .

Danny Mac QB EFF Rating 58.2

I cant believe some TiCat fans think this guy should still be the starter, only Tee at 43.2 is worse.

Start Khari and you might end up winning a game or two this season.

First off the Cats have been in most of the games losing late in the game with exception to the bomber game. 5 yr plan hopefully it is nothing like Shivers plan 5 means 20 .

Well that's what's so frustrating. Good teams find a way to win those close ones. Cats on the other hand find creative ways of losing them. They have never been in the game in the 3rd quarter. They are being outscored, outplayed and outcoached in the 3rd and beyond. It's not a glass half full situation rather than a glass half empty. These losses are regressive and not progressive. They are not hopeful signs rather alarm bells that something is drastically wrong. They are not commited to winning. I don't care what Bob the Con says. These guys don't hate losing enough to do anything constructive about it. This whole coaching staff has to be gutted because they are slow learners who repeat the same mistakes every game. Only in Hamilton would this be tolerated. Other CFL teams didn't take this long to get it together. The Argos ownership is as old as Bobs and look where they are and look where we are? 5 year plans are for losers and those paralyzed by indecision.

Slow down guy's. The cat's will be back next year and we all know that they will be bigger and beter. And maybe they will win the gray cup :