What's wrong with the Argos

Argos QB’s are sub-standard and need lots of protection. The O-Line can’t give it. So until the O-line improves or the QB’s get better, this team will not score points. And lose

Everything is wrong. Offence, defence and special teams are all lacking after last night. On paper they have a decent core of receivers and running back. But aside from Lemon and Laing the rest of defence is proving to be sketchy at best. They have six or seven guys worth keeping, and nobody worth trading, free agency season can’t come soon enough. I hope by then they have someone in place to evaluate talent, because Jim Popp isn’t getting it done anymore.

A lack of urgency. or a sense of a need to win. The Argos are like a neglected child: who cares what his behavior is, no one is watching him anyways?

I paid more attention to the Argos last week while watching the game, trying to figure out what the primary issues are.

The talent is there, but it doesn’t seem to be utilized properly. Too many plays where the O-Line looked like they didn’t hear the play call. Too many plays where the secondary was way out of position. Too many plays that looked like the WRs weren’t given routes to run.

Looks like a combination of bad scheme, bad play calling, and confused execution. That points to bad coaching.

Just call me Captain Obvious.

What’s wrong with the Argos?

Sometimes a team without fans is a team without heart.

Terrible Coaching
Lack of QB talent

Last 4 games here are your total rushes by RB’s


I don’t care what league you play in but you can’t expect to win when there is no balance in the run/pass game.

Throw in the fact that the QB’s are sub average and you abandon the run. that’s a recipe for disaster.

This team has talent at both RB and Receiver. But when your coaching is one track minded you’re going to lose.

Again it OC Chappy who needs the boot. Not DEfensive minded & DC C.C.

I don’t know what came over him, but yesterday’s playcalling was much more varied, fun, and successful. Apparently that was his first game calling the shots from above rather than on the sidelines. Maybe he should stay there.

Yes sir Chappy Definitely should stay there that is the best location to see the entire field and formations .

Even with hockey you see who and what so much better to critic the game with strength and weakness .

Apparently Popp got involved with the offensive playing calling as Popp was on the sidelines I beleive & Chappy was in the booth.
I agree it was a much better game plan using the talent they have.

Coach Chamblan has his defense back in form.
& Argos Special Teams got the best of the Bombers Rock Solid Special Teams.
Sustained offensive drives along with Special teams plays kept the defense off the field for a reasonable amount of time.
To keep them fresh & create balance in all 3 phases

Curious if Shawn Lemon being in the lineup was related to him being shopped or if Chamblin was just changing things up.

Seemed okay for his first game back.

There are a few teams in need of a rush end. Toronto among them imo.

Odd, or maybe not, how this sub forum does such a good job of reflecting the perceived, general apathy of Argo fans.

Lots of good posters on Argofans so I know they are out there.

Bizarre to think someone wants to go global based on the struggles we are seeing selling the game within Canada

Meanwhile, just up the road (list) the Hamilton forum happily plugs along.

Clears up that discussion.

Kind of thought a trade was in the works and not surprised to see BC involved.

He will help there.

Good return with Davon Coleman though. Hopefully win / win as both players have had a tough start to the season.

The crazy story of 2019 continues to unfold. Take notes for the book.

Bethel Thompson seems to be a very good QB. Appears Trestman was right.

macbeth sux
no arm
cant run
coach’s pet
sadly franklin isnt much better - also he refused to sign extension
doesnt look like collaros will play this yr
cc was high on lemon then poof trades him to bc
cc was high on poop then poof poop is gone
cc supposed to be some sort of def wizard … how many sack argos get v eskimos
oh and popp really has to go
y’know players could go 1-7 w/o any coaches or a gm
save some $
let players call plays on field
chappy is very bad…very bad…
wilder is a big fan of himself
bujt i am impressed w/ rainey - 2 great games in a row - let him be off cap
micah awe - let him be def cap and call ef

Sadly there are a shortage of starting QBs out there. Cfl & NFL.
So far 7 of the 9 starters in the CFL have missed long periods of games.
In Montreals case #2 is better than number 1. Blessing in disguise.
Toronto nor Ottawa had a starting QB to enter the year.
So far Sask. Calgary. Had two good backups.
sask Farjardo is number 1 now.
Buckley in Calgary also playing well. As BLM heads back to 6game IR.
The Cats #2 so far so good.
Up next is strevler in Winnipeg.
If any of these guys go down now. They have no one!

Its surely time for Chappy to go. Modern pro football and his play calling is based on having a stud QB.
As for
MacBeth. It seems that Popp has moved to the sidelines with Coach Chamb.
Grumpy Cappy is up in the booth now.
But it seems that MacBeths recent little bit of success. Isnt Chappy calling the plays anymore.

Popp knew enuff to know enuff that the Argos needed a starting QB. but couldnt land one of the big 3.
Harris returning to Toronto wulda been nice but it was not to be.
In a desperate move & with no other options.
He got Calloros back in Toronto. But he is damaged goods.
O’Connor seems to be the future.
But a good move to NOT throw him into this mess.
Argos are truly in a rebuild.
This season is a Wash