What's wrong with forums.bluebombers.com?

I get the following message when I try to log into http://forums.bluebombers.com/index.php?board=1.0 :

Error 404
No route found for forums.bluebombers.com

What on earth?


Same message. No idea why.

I blame one of:

  1. Calgary Stampeder fans.

  2. Saskatchewan Roughrider fans.

  3. The Federal Government.


Nah, Its MOS’s strategy of not giving any info away!



Zounds! The site is still down. That means that perhaps there’s a far more nefarious plot at work here than I first suspected. This may be an attack by the Communist Chinese. Or Vladimir Poutine and his cadre of neo-Soviet revanchists!


Think the old Blue Bombers forum is toast for good. Can’t get in there for over 2 weeks now. Wish they would have posted some notice beforehand! :(WORST time of the year to pull this when the team goes on a major playoff run.

I’m not exactly certain what went wrong - but I’ve gotten access to the backend of the site now and am working on restoring it now. The web hosting company has to press a couple of buttons to let me finish getting it back online. My guess is that it’ll be back online tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest.


I hope that it’s back soon. I’ve really missed it.

Well in the meantime you might want to get yourself a proper user name and stick around. There are a number of pluses associated with a broader based, less ingrown forum.


The sitehttp://forums.bluebombers.com/is now back online.

Three cheers for Sully!


Hey guys just thought I’d pop in and let you know that it appears like the site is down again .

I just tried it and an Error 502 Bad Gateway message keeps coming up .

Hopefully whoever is in charge over there will get it back up and running before the big game on Sunday .

It was the same problem we have here; when bots or targeted attacks hit the site, the forum software and hardware behind it can’t keep up and the site goes down. I’ve upped the hardware behind the site but it’ll happen.

In December I’ll try hard at making a transition to modern forum software and will see if the Blue Bombers will come along as well.