What's Wrong with Darian Durant - TSN's Thoughts

Est-ce que le nom de Troy Smith vous rappelle quelque chose?

Put on the Injured List for some mysterious ailment and then bye bye. History might be repeating itself.

I definitely expect Nik Lewis to be added to the 6 game injured list; I doubt that he will return in 2017.

Darian Durant could also be added to 6 game injured list; he could come off that list any time.

Could be the same as Durant for Jovan Olafioye.


Out of curiosity, has there been any news on Lewis since he was seen in street clothes on the sidelines during the Argos game?

As for DD, if he does end up on the sidelines this may be a blessing.
It will now force GM/HC Reed to look at other options. Heck maybe give one of the young QB's (are there any left?) a chance to see what they have.

He wont be playing this week

Reed is now desperate to find some piece of Rainbow to sell the Wetenhall, hoping to save his job. So he's likely given Durant some days off to give reps to his other QBs.

It isn't going to work Kavis. Your team is in such bad shape, that you could trade for Mike Reilly and you still would not win another game.


I thought he has been game-to-game with a "head" injury the way he has played

Yeah right.

We both know he just plays drew silly for the 19 minutes the als offense has the ball.

Cant wait to see some Bo Levi Mitchell magic friday! If Willy starts i dont know what would be worse Alex Brink or Chris Leak starts with the Alouettes, well at least Leak gave us the alligator chop!

How many Qbs have gone under centre since the demise of AC? are we up to 15 yet? Its definitely over 10! In just 4 years!!! Some of them were just awful from the get go, others showed some promise but ultimately failed, none of them have been the answer. Completely unacceptable considering what other teams have been able to find.

IMO what we may be seeing here is an attempt to avoid casting further national glaring spotlight on the fact that DD is done and the Als are paying nearly 500K for that privilege. Also heard rumours (second and third hand) that DD has a performance bonus clause if he stays healthy for X # of games. This week, he comes up with a sore leg - it's like relinquishing back to the club. Maybe an attempt on his part to still the waters? Don't know. All I know is two guys in Montreal are halfway out the door: Reed and Durant.

Like all former CFL takers - Durant should relish being able to scoop up an extra year of some senile's cash pile!

Like former CFL mopes like Lyle Bauer, Mike Kelly, Sgt. Slaughter, Garth Buchko, Jeff Reinbold, Downtown Denny & a few more that are long forgotten DD will have to find work elsewhere as his cash stash begins to deplete.

Stand-in for Evander Holyfield comes to mind.

And if he gains another 25 to 35 lbs. I'm sure Darian could play guard or centre for another year or two - he is one strong motha, if nothing else!

Durant is 35 so time is no longer in his favour - a guy like Collaros who's not even 29 can still manipulate the process for an extra couple years of signing bonuses and salaries before washing out of the league!