Whats Wrong with Bomber Fans??

So it seems that the Bombers are not going to purchase the rights to the home playoff game as they figure they can not sell enough tickets to cover the cost of hosting the game!

[i][b]6. Just FYI: the Roughriders have sold out their first home playoff game since 1988 and bought the rights to the game from the CFL for $100,000. That means after covering all the expenses -- including those of the visiting Stampeders -- the Riders can reap the rest of the financial rewards.

By comparison, the Bombers won't even touch doing the same here in Winnipeg for either the East semifinal or final. Why? There is the risk of bad weather, the blackout is lifted for playoff games and -- most importantly -- the love affair this team enjoyed with its fan base in the summer has become lukewarm at best in the last six weeks. [/b][/i]

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I'm going no matter if its final or semi!

i got my ticket as a season ticket holder a long time ago, and weather is total bs to miss a playoff game.

There are many issues that are starting to turn Bomber fans off. One is the lackluster performance of the offence. Fans want to see lots of offence and that has not been happening. Scoring 10 or 15 points a game does not cut it. The stadium and ownership issue has angered many fans. Many fans do not want private ownership and want the team to stay community owned. Community ownership makes a lot of fans feel more closer to the team and a sense of belonging. David Asper is not the poster boy that some feel he is to the community. Some like him and others despise him. Not a good thing for the team. Mr Asper showed his true nature when he stepped on the field and berated coaches and players as well as his sexual harrassement fiasco. Both Taman and Bauer have not delivered the goods. We have had some not bad teams. But no Grey Cup. Changes should be made next year for the good of the team. But the changes should include players as well as getting rid of the 3 gentlemen mentioned above. The blackout being lifted has nothing to do with fans attending the games. They may sellout or come close. From the fans i have spoken to the enthusiasm is not there. And fans are turned off.

Where's the pride the Bomber fans had? Bomber fans are generally held in fairly high regards when people talk about them, show the naysayers you guys still care about your team even if they are struggling right now, and sell the game out!

Lots of bandwagon jumpers in Winnipeg. Also lots of chicken littles like hammerbut and housedog. The "sky is falling". I guess they want to see Reinbold back here!

I noticed a large number of Bomber fans have disappeared since losing first place. Whats wrong? RW2005 was right with the prediction was I not.
All I can say now is good luck with the GC parade it may have to be cancelled. Good Luck the rest of the way.

1st place...2nd place...3rd place, who gives a shit? As long as you win your games in the playoffs, thats all that matters.

Iam more than confident that the Bombers can take home the Grey Cup. I actually hope they lose next week, and go into the Playoffs as one of the under dogs, and then take home the cup. That will shut everyone up!!

Blue and gold run through these veins, always have, always will.

Bombers for life.

No, We're still around but this is the time of the year when lots of work has to be done before the snow flies. What can you do when your kids were born without arms?

By the way, congrats 05 on being right about the Argos. What is your next leap into faith?

The Bombers are OK. This current action by the fans might be to show the management things have not been good and they should pay attention.

i don;t know what happened to my fellow fans. there has beena fair bit of band wagon jumping but all i say is that its the cfl you play the same teams so many times your bound to drop a number of games in a row. the huge thing here was there was alot of hype with all the off season work that it has been almost dissapointing seeing the team make mistake after mistake. so alot of fans have lost faith. but i think the team can rebound guys are healing for the playoffs, we got alot of defence guy back this week. and i still beleive in my team. and well they might be hiding here but when you walk the city streets you still find the true fans.

Never you mind about ticket sales in Winnipeg. We could schedule the second coming of Christ as a halftime show and 1/3 of the crowd would be game-day walkup.

Organizers were worried about ticket sales for major events like the Womens' Worlds hockey and we sold out in the last week. At Assiniboia Downs they don't worry about daily attendance until the 3rd race. We'll get 'er done for tickets, just not all at once.

Private ownership in the hands of Asper makes mpdid a sad panda :frowning: We're selling our team for a new arena, It doesnt matter if it reverts back to a community team once Asper dies, he'll probably cryogenically freeze himself so he isn't officially dead anyways lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I think the Als are going to beat the second place team. And then lose to the first place team in the east. Will it be Winnipeg or TO. I have a funny feeling the team in the east will wear blue.

Double blue that is.

These 3 teams are an injury or two from getting knocked off. The team that is "lucky" enough to have the least injuries is going to take it.

I don't think Winnipeg will make it very far with Pikula and Westwood. Distinct disadvantage there compared to Duval and Prefontaine.

Man, this sure has been a bad year for injuries. We never played one year with our complete defence. As for our kicking, you would think after 17 games it would have sorted itself out. Not! It has cost us and could again.

The 'Peg is always a test market for new products. We're a tough sell and we wait for the last minute to decide what we want.

Housedog the stadium issue has nothing to do with the amount of tickets sold. You're still going on about that?

Winnipeggers are just messed up man. I'm a huge BB fan but I don't have my tickets for the playoff game yet, I'm waiting to see if it'll be first or second round. I dunno why I'm waiting cuz I'll go to it either way. Like I said Winnipeggers are just messed up.

If the Bombers play a good game tonight and win, they'll sell a ton more tickets. If they do that and TO loses tomorrow, they'll sell a whole lot more. But there'll still be a ton of walkups, it's always like that here.

There are a lot of hardcore Bomber fans, and me and my buddies all are. The Bombers have widespread support all over Manitoba, but it's a bit soft. I'm a BB but the Riderfans are easily the most hardcore and devoted in the CFL. Gotta love 'em.

mpdid - he'll probably cryogenically freeze himself so he isn't officially dead anyways lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats funny, You made me laugh

Why would you say Winnipeggers are messed up ?? because they do not agree with someone's vision or point of view ?? Give me a break. You should give Winnipeg fans more credit than that.

Like the Winnipeg Fans give Credit to the Bomber Team? Oh I see how it works now.. You bash rider fans because they are considered the greatest but when Winnipeg fans stay home in droves to witness a good Bomber team victory they deserve Credit??
How about giving the Riders & there fans a break, all you have proven is your hatred