What's Wrong in Hamilton ?

They didn't exactly attack downfield the moment Chang came in. It was a short pass to Lumsden, that he broke for 52 (?) yards that got Chang a good chunk of his passing yards. This was very similar to the plays run with Maas in the game, however this time Jesse Lumsden managed to turn it into a huge gain.

If I remember correctly, they were set up on the left hash marks, so then the throw went to the longer side of the field. If that is the case Maas' throw would have been at least 20-25 yds across the field in his own end zone. If his arm is weak why not make that same play to the shorter side? It was for the most part, a lateral pass, so why the would OC make such a call? Passing across the field when you are backed up that far is not great play selection, IMO. You have 2 capable backs of getting you some yards, Lumsden and Holmes, so why not use them?

there was ONE big long pass that maas completed, where the receiver had to sloooowwwww down and catch a poorly throw ball ( not in a spiral at all ), and that was the best maas pass of the nite.

maas is garbage.

....WHY DON'T THE CATS .....really start over...and start Chang....how many times do you go to the well ...only to find it empty....... and keep bringing back the same ol' empty bucket.....even if this kid is just a glimmer of the future.... the other guy ...Maas looks like a very non-impressive reflection of the past......methinks Taffe is about to correct it, IF Jason doesn't show the form he left in Esksville ... and soon.... :roll: :roll:

If Maas does zero this week against the Argos, that will leave Taffe with no option but to go with the raw rookie Chang. Still I can't believe the coaches didn't see this coming in training camp?
Or perhaps as has been written, Jarius Jackson is available in BC.
Unless he totally lights it up, I suspect Chang needs to sit back and watch when necessary from the sightlines.

the ticats trade away thier best receiver to sask ( dj flick ) for rocky butler...then cut him after 1 bad preseason game ( in which, he only played a half )...yet they keep maas, whos played 17 bad games in a row!!!

this is why the cats suck...they have no clue what theyre doing.

Maas is not entirely to blame here. If any team tries to do a pass like that in their own end zone is asking for trouble. I dont know why any OC would try a play like that when your QB is behind your own goal line, especially when you have 2 backs like Holmes and Lumsden in your backfield. Even if you dont get the 1st down, you can concede the safety and give up 2 points, instead of a turnover and giving up seven and deflating your team. After the kickoff, chances are you have better field position , which gives you a better chance of coming back down 12-6 instead of being down 17-6.

No question the play selection was horrible, not just on that play but throughout the game, and throughout all of last season. Those short passes won't get you many first downs.

If they're calling for those short passes because Maas' arm is weak, then Maas should not play. It's as simple as that.

I understand Taaffe's defence of his quarterback, because he doesn't want a QB controversy distracting his players. But whether he wants one or not, he's going to be in the middle of one very quickly if Maas doesn't begin to attack defences with something other than two-and-out, two-and-out, two-and-out.

Maas says [paraphrasing] "People want us to throw long, but you can't live on that. You can't win games by throwing deep all the time." Really, Jason, and just how do you win games? I'd really like for you to tell me, because based on your play since you got here, I'm not sure you know. And no one's asking you to throw deep all the time, but two passes of more than 10 yards during the course of the game doesn't strike fear in opposing defences, nor does it instill confidence in the minds of the fans.

I think Taaffe will give him another game or two, but if this continues, they'll have to start Chang. Timmy attacked the Stampeder defence more in his short time in than Maas did during the entire game.