What's worse?

[i]Johnny's starting a new thingy! Every week, Johnny will conduct a poll of what is worse: Bischoff's special teams OR something else.

This week, Bischoff's special teams face a tough competitor in the WHAT'S WORSE competition.

What is worse?

Bischoff' special teams?


Some dude getting attacked by a dog, while wearing a cheap Darth vader costume (and he also hits himself in the Jedis with his own fake light saber...). Check out the dude at the following link (be patient, there is a 30 second ad before the clip starts, it's worth it):

[url=http://fr.canoe.ca/artdevivre/animal/video/index.php?bctid=1816851834001]http://fr.canoe.ca/artdevivre/animal/vi ... 6851834001[/url][/i]

That Darth vader wannabe is pretty bad! But, Johnny says Bischoff's special teams are worse. And Johnny voted as such! :rockin:

I'll give him one more chance seeing as we've won 4 straight in spite of our ST ineptitude.

Johnny thanks you for your vote/opinion!

This an election day dudes. Johnny hopes you ain't all voted out! Vote for what's worse, it don't cost nuttin! :smiley:

as long as no one gets shot in the process it's good. :wink: