What's with this "Empire" thing?

Where and when did this "Empire" thing with the Eskimos arise? What's it all about anyway?


Not hard to figure that out - the EE Empire began in 1973, Edmonton made it to nine Grey Cups in a ten year span. Cheers

The Empire is a marketing gimmick that has been used for two seasons and comes from Rider fans referring to the Edmonton Eskimos as the "Evil Empire" back when Huge Campbell was the G.M.

This reference was often used in conjunction with the Campbell Football Leauge comment by the Saskatchewan conspiracy theorists while the Riders held telethons to stay alive.

It is much like how the Edmonton got its original team name taking a slight by a Calgary reporter who threw a slur toward the northern Alberta team calling them Esquimaux and embracing it.

As per normal the Edmonton franchise takes the negative and makes it into a positive and in this case they have flipped the playing of "Star Wars Empire" theme in Regina as a rallying and marketing challenge.

It is rather well done and it is something that the CFL needs more of to get fans back in the seats:

Good answer! Thank you.

In the early years of the 20th century, the Eskimos unveiled a polar bear logo which I thought was very cool. But the logo quickly disappeared after only a year or so.

What happened? Did the WWF protest cruel and unusual treatment of polar bears? Did the polar bear escape and eat several Eskimos? Or do Eskimos fans just dislike polar bears for whatever reason?


The polar bear thing was another marketing gimmick that was focused on the kids and it was the year they rolled out Nanook the Esk mascot who is still around.Mascots - Edmonton Elks

Eskie fans like the tradition of the Eskimos, but also crave a fresh. Hence whatever the Esks do they tend to blend the past with the new. The even took the fight song from the 1950's and make it into a rap song. Not even making this up ...CFL's Edmonton Eskimos Fight Song Remix by PlanIt Sound - YouTube

This idea crashed and burnt big time!

However, this ad was fantastic!Stream Edmonton Eskimos' Radio Ad by trishkozicka | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

and this was very funny!Stream Edmonton Eskimos' Radio Ad #2 by trishkozicka | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Taste their delicioustears ... bahahaha!

Anything that slams Rider or Calgary fans and the general idiocy is just great marketing in my books!