what's with the snaps?

We seem to be having a lot of trouble with our long snaps while in punting and fieldgoal formation. To me, it seems like a ongoing problem....same as last year. This throws the timing off, especially while in the shotgun. :cowboy:

You can thank Marshall for this. He was the one that released Mark Verbeek who was a very reliable and accurate long snapper. Since then Matt Robichaud has been handleing them and the job has been really erratic since! (Although Matt is a great guy and a very reliable back-up Canadian L.B.)

rip this post is probably the worst i have read in a long time...first of all matt is a great snapper and twice that of mark verbeek...second matt is playing hurt because we dont have a capable alternative ...and yes he is a great guy but i m sure matt is there because of his talent not his personality.

I ahve to disagree with that "reliable backup LB" because hes has NEVER played in a game on defense ever. Special teams is where he belongs. I heard somewhere that both Fabio Filice or Ryan Donnelly or both can long snap so maybe we should give them a shot if the chemistry between holder/punter/kicker doesnt improve. We've been relatively good but there has been some high/low/inaccurate snaps and some poor blocking on special teams. Still, Robichaud is best for the job. And i agree with newworldorder, Robichaud is twice that of Verbeek