What's with the schedule?

The Ticats playing their first 4 games on the road? Is there a reason for that? I might be out of the loop but does anyone know the reason for that. The Ticats have never been a very good road team and scheduling their first 4 games away seems a bit scary.

Pan Am games soccer is using the stadium in Hamilton in July

Thanks for the info

Two reasons: 1) FIFA Women's World Cup; and 2) the Pan Am/Para Pan Games.

No slam on you LCF, but this is another indication of the uphill climb the PanAm Committee is having in selling tickets.

Woman’s World Cup in June till July, Pan-Am soccer in July and Argos suffering Rogers Centre scheduling always.

Hopefully the Cats will make this best of this long away schedule. I would be happy with 2-2.

id say 3 - 1 this year nothing will stop us :slight_smile:

As a Ticat fan you must be aware that a big big part how how Hamilton got the new stadium was to host soccer for the PanAm's. Hence Hamilton being on the road until early August. Toronto actually has it much worse off than the Cats do, as they play 8 of their first 10 on the road, because of both the PanAm games and the fact that they are the low client on the RC totem pole.

Once the PanAm's are over in a few weeks the Ticats have THF to themselves for the life of the stadium.

I really hope we can get off to a great start to the season, but the TiCats have a horrible history of poor starts

Our starting records since 2010

2010 - 0-2
2011 - 0-2
2012 - 0-2
2013 - 0-2
2014 - 0-3

I would take 2-2 in a heartbeat! :expressionless:

How do you spell CHAOS in Ontario?



This is one of those things that I always knew but didnt realize until you posted it.... (if that makes sense).

I sure will be glad when our commitment to the Pan Am is over and our team can enjoy a fairly normal home stadium and schedule. :roll:

The Ticats also haven't won their opening game since 2004.

Ever since I can remember we have had a tough time on the road with the exception of the Lancaster years.

Good luck to the Cats this year despite having a difficult schedule. We can do it!!!

Just a little perspective on just how long ago that was......
Yup, 2004 hard to believe that it's been that long ago that this guy was our QB in that game.

It's also hard to believe that we started that 2004 season winning our first 3 games...3-0 before going on a 5 game losing streak.2004 was so long ago that it was Bob Young's first season as the owner and Caretaker of the team. It also was the rookie season of Marwan Hage. It was also Rob Hitchcock,Mike Morreale and Joe Montfords 10th season in the CFL. Greg Marshall was HC and Ottawa's team was the Renegades.

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The Pan Scam games are a dog with flees involving corruption galore.
Although you guys did get a stadium out of it, by the way which should have been built near the water.

Just fishing here, but do you actually know what "corruption" means? And if so, can you provide an example relating to the Pan Am games?

You obviously have not been reading our local papers.
Here is just a few.
From the previous disgraced CEO and his staff expensing everything under the sun, the many unnecessary trips taken, the gold plated handshake given to the CEO instead of firing him and staff, to the many overruns and budget grossly ballooning into the stratosphere, etc.
And you are paraphrasing the word corruption?