What's with the horrible pass interference calls?

Yes... another officiating thread.

I would just like to know if the rule changed so that being within two yards of the receiver you are trying to cover is now considered pass interference. I'm referring to the pass interference call against Jordan Younger in the third quarter where receiver Aaron Hargreaves practically tackled him to save an INT and the pass interference call against Jovon Johnson just a few plays later where he turned to the ball, held his spot of the field and boxed the receiver out, then went up and knocked the ball away without ever touching the receiver. What the heck was with these calls? They were horrible! The worst part is, calls like this have been made all season long. I'm usually tolerant of the officials but this is getting ridiculous!

Same thing on Friday Lions vs. Cats.
Pierce passes, couldn't see who he completed it to, but he completes it to a receiver who was untouched, Tisdale reaches over his shoulder, rips the ball out of his hands and interference is called. Saw it on the tigervision about 5x and in no way did Tisdale interfere. Refs fail sometimes, that's just part of the game.

I agree with both you guys on that one. It is a pressure cooker out there. Fast moving plays requiring split second judgment.
Overall they do a great job. But damn, it is frustrating to watch a great defensive play negated by an overzealous flag.

same thing in the Rider game - Calgary draws a phantom pass interference call and gets the go ahead TD that could end up being the play of the game ( the call was a game changing call ). Officiating in the CFL is extremely inconsistent. Make no mistake the Riders offense was and is still sputtering but that call changed the game.

karma - riders still played sub par but at-least that call didn't determine the outcome

Exactly you seen it 5 times to determine whether or not it was Pass interference . The Refs have to make the call right away, I find it usually equals out during the game anyway .
The Refs get paid Peanuts so it’s really hard to criticize them when they are doing this just for the Love of the Game. Having said that I’ve noticed a lot more call lately , If i was 2nd and long I think I would throw deep and hope for the Call.

That's exactly what teams are doing now because there are 4 options 1. Completes it for a huge gain 2. draws phantom pass interference 3. no call 4. picked off
We're also seeing the famous Christiano Ronaldo dive and cry to the ref. CFL's welcoming drama queens now, whoopee :roll:

  1. Incomplete ( it sometimes happens ).

They need to start throwing the objectionable conduct penalty once in a while to help curb the diving.

I'm not sure there's a rule against "taking a dive". But I find it amusing that in a thread in which people are complaining about all the calls being made by officials, people would suggest there be more rules that would only increase the number of penalties.

I saw one game this week (I'm pretty sure it was Toronto/Winnipeg, so I'll use those teams in my explanation) where Joseph throws the ball to a receiver who is on the goal line, covered by two Bombers. The receiver can't get to the ball, so he comes up behind one of the defenders and reaches around, covering his face with both hands. The other defender intercepts the pass. There should have been a call of offensive pass interference (which would have been declined anyway, with the INT, so it really doesn't matter.) But I'm also surprised there was no penalty on the play, as the receiver's hands were all over the guy's face mask.

On the whole, though, I think they do a great job, even though they do make some mistakes sometimes.