What's with the Helmet hits last night???

What is with the CFL Ref's and the lousy NO Calls on the helmet to helmet hitting on Quinton Porter last night, they finally made one call late in the game, a costly one for Calgary but missed two other helmet hits earlier and one when Porter was sliding down to try and get the first down, it was so obvious with the ref standing right there, Hughes the defender for Calgary was trying to take Porters head off, come on CFL Refs you must make all the calls, not just when you feel like it. Even Porter was amazed, he thought for sure the flag would come out, especially when it was a helmet to helmet illegal hit. What really makes me mad as heck about the direct contact helmet to helmet hit's is that they are very dangerous and could easily end a players career and especially someone so young and talented as Quinton Porter.

I'm sure that the Refs flag would have been flying if one of our defenders was using his helmet as a weapon to hit Henry Burris, we would probably see three or four flags flying. Maybe the flag was glued in the ref's pocket or something or maybe Hughes the Calgary defender was actually sending a message to our Tiger-Cat defenders for the next game in Calgary in a few weeks, that it's okay to hit our QB with the helmet so now our defenders can now put down the HAMMER and Rip off the head of Burris and side line him for the balance of the season, sounds good, if that's the game you wish to play???

Also, the first TD pass by Porter to I believe Currie, the defender was all over him and not looking back at the ball, once again another missed call, on a similar play Tisdale had his hand on the back of the Calgary receiver but looking back at the ball, a far less of an infraction than the no call on the Calgary defender and of course Tisdale and Hamilton gets called for interference, crappy ref call, crap and more crap. Glen Suitor of TSN also said in fairness both players should have been called not just Tisdale, but that's our lousy CFL refs.

Let's see our QB's get the protection they deserve and end the Helmet to Helmet hits especially in the upcoming game against Montreal, they are another team that love to hit head on with the helmet especially guys like chip cox, Mark Estelle and so on, they play that way and majority of the time get away with it but when we do it, we get called, you watch If Montreal play like that and our defenders Hammer AC the same way, you would really see the flags fly. Come On CFL refs, let the players play but call the rough stuff and not so lop sided, a level playing field would be nice for a change.


I have to agree with you. 95% of the time I agree with a call by the Refs for or against the Cats. I got pretty upset during the game last night on the helmet hits on Porter, especially when he was sliding. Heck if it was the other way around I would still have been upset by the non-call. I also agree with your assesment on the interference call and non-call. But untill you brought this up I had totally forgotten about it.

A few comments.

There’s one play I’m thinking of where Porter slid, but only at the last second. By the time he went into the slide it was too late, and the defender would not have been able to stop if he wanted to. If Porter’s goal is to avoid such hits, he needs to slide a little earlier and forego the extra half a yard. Not sure if that’s the same play you’ve got in mind.

Secondly, if it’s any condolence, the penalty in the last minute - the one that allowed us to keep the ball and nearly run out the clock - was pretty questionable. They replayed it multiple times and the commentators were at a bit of a loss to try and explain why it was even a penalty. I know there’s a lot of Ticat fans who will always be convinced that all CFL officials have a permanent vendetta against our team (although no one has been able to explain why), but given the circumstances and significance of that particular flag, it’s tough to make that argument for this past game.

Lastly, it’s interesting that you raise the possibility of our defence injuring Burris for the balance of the season, as I believe that’s exactly what we did a couple of years back. (I think it was Zeke, on a sideline hit?)

The qusationable call IMO wa a makeup for the 2 BLATANT headshots to Porter NOT called earlier in the game… and the hit on Burris, was a CLEAN hit in bounds!

Once again on TSN last night the BC and Toronto game, Zeke Moreno the Argo-Not line backer helmet to helmet hit on Buck Pierce the QB for the Lions, this one was a blatant intent to injure the QB from Moreno who has been getting a little frustrated and hot headed lately, however what was worse was that the ref Hamilton's own Kim Murphy and crew were right there and did not make the call for a penilty.

I'm getting tired of the bad officiating in this league and high time that Tom Higgins head of CFL ref's takes a good look at some of these games. I think, if it's a missed call for whatever reason, the head of referees at the game in the spotters box who takes care of all challenges on the field should have the authority to override a missed call on the field, simply call down to the head official on the field and say Moreno number 8 Argo's late hit helmet to helmet on BC QB Buck Pierce, award the 15 yard penalty to BC Lions and the official pulls Zeke Moreno aside and warns him if he hits late or helmet to helmet again he will be fined or be kicked out of the game, that would put a stop pretty quick to the late roughing and helmet hitting.

I feel sorry for Buck Pierce the guy has had several concussions now from helmet hits, not to mention the players and QB's prior to Pierce like our own Quinton Porter or Kevin Glenn who have taken cheap shot helmet hits, it's time to put a stop to it.

I agree there are too many helmet to helmet hits. I'd like to see more vigilance on that.

I don't agree that we got the worst of the calls Friday night, there were some errors both ways.

I certainly do not accept the idea that CFL officials have some bias against the Ticats; I think that's complete nonsense.

I was channel surfing last night back and forth to the Argo vs Lions game and twice I saw a blatant helmet to helmet hit that the Argos layed on Pierce. Absolutely disgusting that anyone would intentionally try to take out someone like that but especially more so when everyone knows Pierce has already had 5 concussions in 11 months. The first one was from Huntley in the backfield but Pierce still made the completion. I'm not sure if it was called, but I saw the Moreno hit and was appalled that it was not called.

With playing like that....sorry to say but maybe someone should take Cody Picket , Dominique Dorsey and Jamal Robertson out that way. What's good for the goose....

I agree there are too many helmet to helmet hits. I'd like to see more vigilance on that.

I don't agree that we got the worst of the calls Friday night, there were some errors both ways.

I certainly do not accept the idea that CFL officials have some bias against the Ticats; I think that's complete nonsense.

Well, I disagree with you Stevehvh, as a Cat fan I have watched every game where the Cats were not on a level playing field when it came to the officiating of guys like Kim Murphy and his crew, the officiating was completely horrible to say the least. When a player places his hand on the shoulder pads of the Argo's QB and is called for a late hit however in comparison when our own QB takes a helmet to helmet hit with the ref standing right there and NO call is made, something is definitely wrong and this has gone on for years and years it's just not a passing fancy or your complete nonsense you talk of. Certain teams like Toronto, Montreal and Sask get the better end of the stick when playing the Cats when it comes to bad officiating, I wouldn't just pass it under the carpet and say it's nonsense when it's fact.

I don't think it's bias I think it's terrible officiating that needs to be corrected.

It's strange how how certain fans love to stick up for the CFL Refs when another fan has watched and witnessed the bad officiating that in many cases has cost the Ti-Cats games in the past, most recent Hamilton vs Regina Aug 16th the Riders score a TD late in the game when it still could be won by the Cats, however Kim Murphy standing right in full sight of the line misses the call of Holding by the Riders Offensive lineman, Regina goes on to score the winning TD. Gee, TSN picked it up, many Cat fans picked it up and complained about the crappy officiating.

Some Errors both ways, ya okay, is that why Hughes of Calgary had his head planted four or five times in Porters helmet. Give me break, I think your full of complete nonsense!!!!

It's strange how certain fans love to stick it to the bad CFL Refs when another fan has watched and witnessed the the same CFL Refs strangly miss a blatant missed hold with Goodspeed on Peach against Hamilton to spring Cobb for 60 yards.

Some people are such Catf..s that they only see what they want to see.
Bad calls go both ways.
Open your eyes and take off those rose coloured glasses and stop blaming everybody else for your problems.

This is unimportant.

" it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive"

GeoffW are you sure you’re happy to be, sounds like your wasting your life away!!!


Ok :? not sure what that means other than yes you agree that perhaps EVERY home team fans thinks that the Refs are out to get them and that you're just another one of them. :rockin:

Holds can be very subjective. But hits to the head, especially by a helmet are blatantly obvious and since that is usually to the QB and THAT is where the ball is or was very recently....there can be no excuse that an official couldn't see it. That's where the play was.....as an official, you're supposed to be watching the play.

Wallace, I absolutely agree with you, the refs need to get their heads back on the field of play and call the stupid head to head shots that certain defenders make, it’s a wonder why certain fans of this site love to protect the refs of the CFL when they make bad calls but even more blatantly miss a late hit roughing or a helmet hit on a QB it’s totally in excusable.

Yeah..I was blown away that the Moreno play wasn't called. They made the hits on Porter look pretty wimpy. Felt bad for Pierce -- this seemed like a blatant attempt to injure.

As for Porter's...well, the one I saw looked like it maybe should've been called. But, if you're gonna slide, you have to get your ass down in a hurry. If you are going to battle for yards (..and I love that he does) you have to take that hit.

The one late in the game was a stupid play by the defender -- since it was awful close to the sidelines and in a crucial part of the game -- but no way should it have been called. A total make up call. But I'll take it.

I think the QB should be protected in the pocket -- especially from late hits after throwing. But, once he leaves the pocket, he's just another running back...open season, I say. So...if that was Cobb carrying, would they have called it? Doubt it.

Feh you should have seen Terrence Edwards get KO'd on a short crossing route yesterday in Montreal. Not sure why it wasn't a penalty.