What's with the Gestapo Sercurity at the gate?

either way I am disgusted at someone. if its true its bad and I would hope a mistake, if its not true its pathetic.

Don't be so quick to doubt the story .... Those rent a cops are bullies....

Our security guard wasn't too bad. She said she wasn't supposed to let us take in milk for our year and a half old but would let it go. Guess we were lucky.

From what I saw coming in, I would not be surprised if this happened. And its a shame too because it looked bad coming in. They were ALL OVER people.

Just because its written on a ticket, or in somebodys rules, doesnt make it legal.

What they gonna do if you demand entrance and refuse to give up your bar. If they physically refuse you entrance, or take your legally to possess stuff away, they might find themselves on the wrong end of legal action, if a person has the balls to take that route. I wouldnt give up my bar, nor walk away. Time for somebody with some balls to take a stand.
What they gonna do if about 50 fans get together, each having a bar, and each refusing to give it up or walk away? Stand there arguing over it all night, while blocking access to other fans trying to get in???

What’s next, checking artificial limbs or,taking them away from an amputee, which I am by the way.

***OK everyone I know the person in chare of security at IWS and this story is B.S it is someone starting crap!! they would never take and 60 yr old mans cain away and they may be tough on the rules but there doing what is asked of them but PC45 just because your mad about something you got taken away is no reason to start lies because i have checked into his story and it is FALSE!!

He stated that he left and the cane was never taken.

How could you have checked into it, did you personally ask every security guard if they turned away a man with a cane?

This security is disgusting, I could understand turning people away if it was a sell out and things could have gotten hectic, but come on there was what 21000~ people there(not exactly sure, but boy did it look empty).

You would think they would be trying their hardest to get people into the stadium, a few chocolate bars and bottles of water here and there cant make much of an impact on concession sales, can it?

Its not like everyone is sneaking a meal in. Heck maybe 1 out of every couple hundred people would be sneaking in a little snack. A little snack shouldn't keep someone satisfied for the whole game they should have to go to the concession at least once, that is if they had a reason to stay the whole game, I personally left the game to go to subway because i was hungry....and embarrassed!

End Rant.

maybe they’re expecting us tiger-cat fans to be more disgruntled as the consecutive losses keep adding up.

8) As I stated earlier in this thread, I don't believe this story for a second !!!
I maintained as did FYB that the person who was refused entry with his cane would have grounds for a huge lawsuit in such a case !!!!

And why did this same person just simply turn around and leave, without seeking help from someone from the Tiger Cat football club, or someone in real authority !!!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

This is not good Public Relations..
The Ticats Use to be so good with that now they fumble at it so often.

I am Disappointed that take a Mans Cain away.
What is next Crutches or Wheel Chair..

I'd like to hear a comment from the ball club on this one - this guy could be for real except that this just sounds too ridiculous to be true. All the other stuff - food, drink, alcohol, flag poles, umbrella, gas-powered horns - I can understand. Canes, it's just hard to take at face value. Maybe the Spec, with it's fine tradition of investigative journalism, could get a story with picture of the cane guy and comments and a clear policy from the ballclub.

For the record, I had a big bag of rain gear and various distractions for my two little kids. I was suprised, given what was written after last game, that I got a glance in the bag, a question about whether I had an umbrella and an "enjoy the game".

It did occur to me that, if this is true, it could explain the low turnout - the core Ticat crowd is aging, so if they denied entry to everyone with a cane, walker, orthopedic shoes, arch supports, etc., that's at least a few thousand fans that would have otherwise filled in some of the stadium's empty sections.

I find it odd that everyone is making a big deal about this, not only has my wife gotten her bag checked at the gates of Ivor Wynne in the past, we get checked any stadium we go. It's common sense isn't it

I think common sense is taking flasks off of soon to be drunks, confiscating full picinc lunches and dangerous objects, but candy from kids an 8 inch travel umbrella and bottle of water from a senior is something very different. I know it is hard to draw a line but there can be a little bit of grey in a black and white (and gold) world.

The thing that jumps out at me right away about the cane story is that why did nobody so far say that they saw it? or talked to someone who saw it? or heard about someone who saw it? Has anyone except the person making the claim said that they saw this? its interesting that about five different fans saw the girl in pink,lol but with the bottleneck that can occur at gates and the fuss that surely would have been made over this that nobody else has said they saw or heard of it. The team just needs to find out the gate, time and then talk to everyone who was working it.

To clarify the cane situation. My father and I may have brought the confrontation on. We didn’t get stopped because of his cane. We got stopped because I brought my flag pole (which as I’ve said before, I bring to every game, and have for the last 20 years).

My dad made the excellent point that his cane is just as much of a weapon as the flag pole. (please note: guns and knives are weapons, flagpoles are not.) So we got into a very heated discussion with the security guards and we weren’t going in without my flag pole and his cane. Security then said we’re not letting you in with the flag pole or the cane then. More arguing ensued. They wouldn’t let us in so we left.

And finally, while watching the rest of the game on tv, I saw a couple of people waving flags attached to flag poles, why were they let in!!!???

may have brought it on?You were beggin for it!! you brought something you knew couldnt be brought in and werent allowed to bring in. Your dad should have went in with his cane and left you and your flag to wave on the street.

Now that is great marketing irony: sponsors giving out goodies that security agents then confiscate !

OK, so that clarifies that. People that threaten to beat security senseless with their canes will have them confiscated or be refused entry. :wink:

Rather then let this thread die, as it should, I just have to post the rambling rant I just finished composing when the truth came in...

<blockquote>I think common sense is taking flasks off of soon to be drunks, confiscating full picinc lunches and dangerous objects, but  candy from kids an 8 inch travel umbrella and bottle of water from a senior is something very different.  I know it is hard to draw a line but there can be a little bit of grey in a black and white (and gold) world.</blockquote>

The little kid/struggling pensioner example always adds a nice emotional angle to an argument but, with a few exceptions (canes, milk-engorged breasts, pea butter sandwiches, gluten-free wheat thins, that sort of thing) should there be different rules for different people?

Applying rules based on medical or physical need is one thing. But for the most part, if I can't bring in a 24 of Rickard's, a KFC party bucket and a disabled automatic weapon, I don't want the guy next to me to be able to bring those things in, either.

We all know that, although they appear harmless, older people are notorious for being mules for contraband water and umbrellas. Also, I know the elderly tend to become rather compact with age, but you wouldn't get much protection from an umbrella that, when opened, measured eight inches across, I wouldn't think.

How would you put age appropriate policy together - hmmm...

Kids 1-2 - can bring breast milk, regular milk, soya milk, powerdered milk, formula, umbrellas, sharp sticks, switchblades, butterfly knives, ninja throwing stars and incindiery devices.

Kids 3-5 - pizza pockets, popcorn, candy floss, ice cream, umbrellas, unsharpened sticks and fake handguns.

Kids 6-10 - candy, gum, pop, bags of sugar, nutrasweet packets and hooded sweatshirts (but no hooded sweatshirts with stylized, graffiti style transfers on them).

And on and on...

The Ticats, like professional teams and major eventholders in North America, will take reasonable steps to protect the safety and enjoyment of it's patrons, the financial rights of it's vendors and rightholders, and iself from legal responsibility. The rest is more reasonable to debate.

Reminds me. Outside the stadium, some chicks in a convertable were handing out cans of liquid amphetamine but telling people they couldn't take them into the stadium. So you had small groups of mostly young guys guzzling "energy" drinks as they waited in line. I figured that, win or lose, there would be some interesting tales to tell on this site in the days after the game.