What's with the Gestapo Sercurity at the gate?

Wow!...taking chocolate bars from kids, going through womens purses with flashlights, not being allowed in with water on a hot night, taking umberellas with rain threatening....wow!
The butch who shook me down for a half a bottle of water should have been on the field for us. :cowboy:

really? wasn't that bad i thought...

There where better on Northside..

8) You obviously were not at the pre-season game here 2 weeks ago, and you have not been on this site since then. It was discussed at length for many days back then regarding how strict security is now !!!!

I didn’t think it was anywhere near as bad last night !!! If you read the rules as to what you are not allowed to bring in anymore, it will shock you !!! :roll:

although i did get stink-eyed from the small female security guard as i walked past her with no bag for her to check....

or maybe she just really doesn't know how to flirt....


Umbrellas are now illegal?????

I know this was discussed but it still seems to be an issue. I'd agree that security is over the top. They stopped my 50+ year-old sister and 79 YO mother so they could confiscate a small travel umbrella and a sealed bottle of water. News flash - many seniors are on fixed incomes and can't afford $4.00 for a bottle of water on top of ticket (do they even offer senior's tickets anymore?) and transportation/parking. I realize our team is (caution sarcasm to follow) entertaining and the whole city is scrambling for tickets, but please do yourselves a favour and try to be a little fan friendly.

That brings me to game day experience.
With the dearth of action on the field, maybe we could have the cheerleaders dance more than twice a game. Maybe even give them/us some music between plays to get us up and moving. After the 1/2 way mark of the first quarter, I almost fell asleep.

Umbrellas are illegal for two reasons. First, they block people's view of the game. Second, they are deemed to be weapons.

Don't feel bad though, my dad wasn't allowed in with his cane because that was a dangerous weapon too. I guess a 60 yr old with 2 hip replacements is a major cause for concern.

Taking away someones cane it down right ridiculous and the person who did that should be ashamed of themself .

We had power bars given to up outside of our gate and as soon as we came in security took them away from people and threw them in the trash . I certainly hope that they were not one of the corporate sponcers .

I can understand and appreciate the need for reasonable security but I feel these people are taking this over the edge . Whats with searching our stuff with flashlights . Also at the gate I came in there was only one person checking bags at the time .

Its almost getting to be more hassle getting into the games than into the country .

A senior with a cane?????

Guys.... I'm still a season ticket holder despite the lousy play. But if lunacy like this keeps happening then I WILL quit. This is the kind of thing that loses goodwill far faster then a losing season.

I get the food bit... though purse searches go a bit far. I can even buy a full umbrella. But a cane? Did that fellow who won the seats ever make it to the top? Will they confiscate asthma inhalers? Perhaps aspirins are now dangerous drugs.

Bob, Scott---- get some training on the frontlines immediately! Customer service is key- you gentlemen know that.

"RIDICULOUS!!!!" -- Zeke Moreno


Oski Wee Wee,

8) I find that they took your fathers cane away a little hard to believe !!! If true, I am sure your father would have good cause for legal action !!!!

Interesting that Angelo Mosca attends all the games with his cane, along with ex Cat trainer, Ray Jones !!!! Seems to be some discrimination going on here !!!!!

Its almost getting to be more hassle getting into the games than into the country .
8) Good one !!!!! Ain't it the truth though!!! :roll:

Well Tip, some people still remember Big Ang's prowess with steel chairs and ring bells in his wrestling days, so a cane may seem benign! LOL

It is disturbing that people with mobility issues are being discriminated against, apparently.

Oski Wee Wee,

I call BS on that story.

That is appauling! Who the hell do they think they are!? I see the umbrella reasoning. Telling a senior that he can't bring in his bloody cane is just plain assinine.

Like i said, BS. Don't believe a word of it. Just stirring the pot once again.

They didn't take his cane, they wouldn't let him in with it. So we left.

If they toke his cane were they going to carry him up to his seat. Holy !@#$%

Are you kidding? Come on PC45, you're kidding, right? Right?

If this is true, I am mortified. But it's not really true, right? Man, I just don't know what to say.

If you're serious, and you really did get turned away, then please join me for the next game in Toronto. My treat. And, your dad is more than welcome to take his cane.

Wow. Just wow.