What's with the Gazette?

In the Gazette Sports section this morning there is a little blurb that Herb Zurkowsky wrote an article on Samuels' and Santiago's departure, but don't look for an article - there isn't one! To find out more info, you have to go to alsinsideout.com!

The Als are the defending GC champs and have had one of the most successful sports franchises this city has seen in years. The Canadiens of recent years can hardly be viewed as "successful". I know, I know, this is a hockey town! I also realize that the city just hosted the NASCAR event and it deserved space, especially since one of its native sons finished in the top three and that this may sound like a rant from an "Old Fart".

Be that as it may, I find it rather bush league to not allow some room for Als' news. To me, this is an example of the lack of publicity for the CFL. I feel confident that had we been an NFL franchise, there most definitely would have been an article published regarding the release/signing of players.

So, what's the deal? Does the Gazette feel that Als' news is not that newsworty? Has someone fallen asleep at the switch in the Als' Publicity Department? Or, (and I shudder to think about this!) is that there are simply not enough Als fans in this town to warrant continued updates in the Gazette?

It gets better, if you look at the Als Inside Out a little closer you will notice that Jamal Richardson and Shea Emry's columns are gone, removed. Something is weird but no idea what is going on .

Il est toujours étonnant de voir le soutien dont les Alouettes bénéficient malgré une si mauvaise couverture médiatique. Je m'étonne aussi chaque fois de voir autant de nouvelles sur le baseball, un sport qui est mort, enterré et décomposé à Montréal.

Je crois que le football canadien souffre encore des préjugés et de la condescendance des journalistes sportifs eux-mêmes, qui préfèrent s'intéresser à la NFL, dans l'espoir de recevoir des affectations dans des villes aussi attrayantes et exotiques que Phoenix, Green Bay ou Kansas City, plutôt que devoir couvrir des match d'un sport qui n'est pratiqué qu'au Canada, dans des villes aussi attrayantes et non exotiques que Toronto, Calgary et Vancouver.

Il est temps de servir à ces ignares un cours de football comparé 203, pour leur faire réaliser non seulement la qualité de ce sport mais aussi celle des athlètes qui le pratiquent.

Un avantage de la couverture internet : elle atteint plus facilement les jeunes, contribuant ainsi au renouvellement des partisans.

Not quite. The direct links have disappeared from the front page but if you click on From the Sidelines, you'll get another page containing links to both Emry's and Richardson's columns. Mind you, neither player has updated his column in quite a while -- Emry hasn't posted since week 3! -- so the removal from the front page may be simply to avoid the embarrassment of fans clicking in the expectation of getting regular columns but only seeing entries from the third week of July.

As for the Gazette's coverage, it's always been poor. Herb is basically the only full-time As resource on staff and the paper as a whole seems to have no interest in assigning more journalists to cover the top sports franchise in the city (and the most successful Montreal sports franchise of the past 14 years). No, Stu Cowan would rather lead with effing golf headlines, because golf lets fat middle-aged men in dead-end jobs pretend that they're athletes just like their heroes on the golf course. It's sickening, but unfortunately, all too typical of the Gazette.

Am I the only one who thinks the Als have done a piz poor job with the Montreal media ?

I agree that there with everything said here but The Als share some responsability in this. I've always felt that since the Als have been selling out Molson Stadium they have shown very little interest towards the Montreal media and a done a terrible job of reaching out to fans compared to the other teams in the league where fan forums, pizza nights and various other events are held throughout the season and even off season.

Hfx, this is another reason why I think Larry Smith has to go. A good president would have addressed this media deficit years ago.

The reason is simple, the gazette is no l,onger published on Sunday. Like la presse before it.
No conspiracy there.
Le Staf bang on, i love the coverage given to it by ruefrontenac, they do a better job than the idiots at cyberpresse.

You wont usually find me defending The Gazette, but in this case I dont think its The Gazettes fault as I don`t think the Als put out any press release on Samuels and Santiago. Is this a Jim Popp policy or is the Als P.R. Dept. (now led by an ex-reporter Charles Rooke) asleep at the switch? One had to read CFL Transactions on their website or Richard posting it here.
Herb who was on vacation I guess caught wind of it and posted it on Als Inside/Out.
What is ironic in the poor coverage of the Als is that there are some very knowledgeable football reporters in the media, but the Als get lost behind the Habs and the summer sports happenings - Grand Prix, Tennis, etc.

Bernard Cyr - Gives thorough coverage in Rue Frontenac
Miguel Bujold - Very knowledgeable but La Presse has him in the paper only a couple of times a wk.
David Arsenault - Knows his football but does not report on a daily basis like he would if it were the Habs.
Pierre Vercheval - Excellent analyst - one can learn alot of inside technical stuff from him.
Herb Zurkowsky - Knows his football, is there on a daily basis, but looks for the big story, rather than the player personnel stuff Als fans want to hear about; fears being considered a shill of the team. On Als Inside/Out he should be posting things from practice, not at the end of the day when everyone else has the news. Or what`s the point.

Whatever the reason, I feel that media coverage of the CFL is poor. To promote the sport, each team must promote itself. I know the Als' are involved in a number of programmes, but I'm sure everyone in Buffalo, New York, Dallas, Green Bay....would recognize their football heroes if they saw them walking downtown. I wonder how many Montrealers, Torontonians...would recognize their guys?

One exception - the Riders. I'm sure everyone in the province knows their heroes! Now, I'd like to see enthousiasm like that in every CFL city!